Prithviraj – Roshan Mathew’s Brave & Engrossing Thriller Kuruthi – A MUST WATCH!

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What can hate do to people has been rightfully shown in the latest Amazon Prime’s Malayalam release Kuruthi. Communal hatred in society has been reflected in the best possible way and it has shown what that hate can do to the simplest of families. 

Manu Warrier’s largely impressive directorial debut Kuruthi is a socio-political thriller that thrives on communal hate, hence exploring the emotions behind it. An ordinary household with ordinary people. They end up facing extraordinary situations one night when a policeman walks in with a young murderer ( a young Hindu boy murders a Muslim man). This turns into an unexpected event of communal hate. Some guided and some misguided by the beliefs of their religion, the group of people ends up fighting with each other. 

As one of the dialogues in the movie says, “Ever since humans started walking on two legs, they have been killing and wanting to kill. They thrive on hatred and pass the hatred to generations ahead” the movie plot beautifully establishes this idea. The story, without picking sides, takes you on a disturbing yet engrossing journey. 

Prithviraj Sukumaran lets the hate flow in you. He plays a man filled with rage and hatred towards other religions. The actor is introduced subtly in the film, yet leaves such an impact and develops a fear in the audience. One look at Prithviraj and we could say that he is the antagonist in the film. A never seen before avatar of the actor and he spits hatred with every word he speaks, his eyes wanting revenge and his body willing to go to any extent to keep the fight going. Prithviraj is pure brilliance in the film. 

Roshan Mathew’s performance as Ibrahim is brilliant. He plays a character whose faith is tested on various occasions, yet he decides to stand by what is right. The actor pulls off the subtle nuances showing his inner turmoil during each situation and portrays a relatable protagonist. He has managed to keep the audience impressed. Be it small moments like his inability to say no to a police officer, hence crushing his soul, his inability to shoot, and the fight he has with his inner conscience, every bit of it is beautifully captured. 

Mamukkoya has a memorable role in the film. He has been given some really intense dialogues to deliver. His perfect timing of the dialogue delivery makes this film a must-watch. Other actors like Murali Gopi, Shine Tom Chacko, Srindaa, Manikandan play their part with utter perfection too. 

The story dips towards the end but definitely will leave you with a lot of questions and a disturbed mind. The idea isn’t original but it has been an untouched bogey. Obviously, filmmakers face backlash for touching something like religion. But here, the story tells us what needs to be told and what needs to be heard and hence this film should be watched by the majority of the people. Religious fire, once ignited, never dies and this message has been put across

Cinematography by Abinandhan Ramanujam is impressive and he has managed to capture outdoors and indoors in their respective real sense. This film holds relevance in today’s time when we are on the edge of communal tension. The writer Anish Pallyal deserves a salute for such a brave attempt. 

Do watch the trailer right here!

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