20 Times Sushant Singh Rajput Stole Our Hearts

It’s difficult to write this tribute piece. Sushant Singh Rajput was definitely our fave, and his death was unexpected. It hit us hard. He’s gone too soon, and it’s tragic, not only for his family but for the family of fans that are mourning today. I hope his soul rests in peace. I hope that he is reunited with his mother, and that he doesn’t have any pain that he was probably suffering with on earth. And I hope people here, journalists like vultures, stop preying on his life and pictures to monetise upon.

We need to remember SSR by remembering the life he lived, and the legacy he left behind for us. He was incredibly hardworking, super smart (an engineer who read philosophy), a fantastic dancer and actor, super hot and super kind as well with many philanthropic works. Here are 20 times that he stole our hearts, and we’re so grateful to be able to relive them online.

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When we all pretended that we were Madhuri Dixit at the 2018 LUX Golden Rose Award function…

Sushant Singh Rajput performed old and new numbers at the LUX Golden Rose Awards two years ago, and his performance was as heartfelt as it was infused with some genuinely tough dance steps. He did it all with earnest. And stole our hearts along the way.

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I can hear SSR talk about pyaar for hours

Why was this scene deleted from Shuddh Desi Romance?! It’s so cute! SSR played the lovelorn, confused Raghu Ram in a way that made watching him such fun.

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His cutest, quirkiest song and the BTS of it is just adorable

Fun fact: he says it’s his favourite song from the film. Just the cutest, most natural behind the scenes moments show the hardwork that went into making this song that we all love.

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When he made us dance to the coolest song of 2017

“Main tera boyfriend” wouldn’t have been half as cool, dance-worthy or quirky if it weren’t for SSR’s fantastic dancing and even more hilarious facial expressions. He was a performer in every sense of the word.

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Sushant’s Sarfaraz in PK made us want to cross the border and meet a Pakistani just as loving, get married and live happily ever after

Sarfaraz and Jaggu meet in a really cute way, when they’re both broke students in Europe (Prague?) and want to go for an Amitabh Bachchan event. Soon after, Jaggu realises he’s Pakistani but they fall in love anyway. After years and 2.5 hours of the movie, they are reunited and we’re happy for them!

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Okay can I just say that SSR’s tribute to King Khan is the only legitimate one, like ever

It’s pretty intimidating to have to recreate Shah Rukh Khan’s biggest moments,okay. So I want to give Sushant Singh Rajput credit for having the confidence, the suave, and the talent it takes to pay tribute, live, at an awards show. It only shows his hard work and dedication.

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His funny IRL moments on Filmy Mirchi

Sushant Singh Rajput was on Filmy Mirchi a couple of years ago, and his enthusiasm and genuine warmth made us all realise that he’s a really dedicated, kind person IRL. It’s moments like these that make us realise we’re all human, and we all deserve the same kind of respect (I’m looking at you, news channels who are poorly reporting his death).

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There is literally no one else as intelligent and suave to play Detective Byomkesh Bakshy except for SSR

Look at that adaa. That style. That ease with with SSR plays a detective from 1942 pre-Independent Indian Calcutta. He holds the film grounded, all the while doing justice to a character that’s been read for years. What a diverse range of work SSR has done!

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Sushant Singh Rajput made everyone want him, including Sarla.

He was a really, really funny guy. Who made the audience ROFL on Kapil’s show, that too. What a way to handle the quirky questions that Kapil throws at you. Learn from Sushant, everybody!

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Sushant treated all co-actors, of all ages, with equal respect

Look at that kindness, that respect with which Sushant speaks to his co-star, Ali. And that focus on cricket. It really just proved that he was just like us, rooted and grounded, all the while using his talent for the better.

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When SSR and Dhoni bonded, and that camaraderie made our hearts soar

MS Dhoni was one of the best films of 2016, and it connected two of our favourites: Dhoni and SSR together. The shared laughs in this video really do make you smile and you will definitely want to rewatch MS Dhoni: The Untold Story. SSR plays the cricket legend with delicacy, making sure to be sensitive to his life and story.

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Kaun Tujhe stole our hearts immediately

In what has to be the sweetest, most loving song of his career, Sushant Singh Rajput excels as MS Dhoni in Kaun Tujhe from the biopic. Sung by Palak Mucchal, this song is always great to listen to while looking outside the window yearning for your lover. And now, thinking about SSR as well.

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When Sushant Singh Rajput’s training for MS Dhoni released…

…man, we were stunned. It takes an incredible amount of training, hard work and discipline to recreate the body and life of a cricketer, that too! This wasn’t just any role. It was a pretty big one. And this behind the scenes footage shows how Sushant’s training was so tough, but he powered through and gave us a hit.

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When he all made us weep buckets in Kedarnath

In what has to be the most heartbreaking film from his career, Kedarnath made us fall in love with Sushant’s character, Mansoor Khan. The forbidden love, the painful hiding of it from society, and his sacrifice at the end, made us all fall deeply for him and go straight to therapy right after. But man, it was worth it.

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Sushant Singh Rajput’s humble interview on making it

In a really inspiring, intelligent interview and talk with Anupama Chopra, Sushant Singh Rajput addressed media students in Bombay on his career graphs, the risks he took from opting out of an Engineering career, Pavitra Rishta, and the decisions he made in the film industry. This talk really just shows his hardwork and dedication, and the kindness with which he spoke to students.

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In Sonchiriya, when Lakhan made us understand the pains of keeping a family in Chambal

I mean, who else can perform alongside Ranvir Shorey, Manoj Bajpayee and Bhumi Pednekar and still hold their ground? Sushant Singh Rajput, that’s who. His character, Lakhan, is played with utmost sensitivity. Lakhan had double responsibilities: to his family and his community. And he tried his best to do them both justice.

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When he played the sensitive, sporty Ishan Bhatt in Kai Po Che

Released in 2013, Sushant Singh Rajput’s skilled performance made him a sure thing in Bollywood. He plays the role of Ishan Bhatt with such ease that you could never guess it’s his debut film.

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Chhichore will never be the same again.

“Agar galti se fail ho gaye, toh failure se kaise deal karna hai?” Aniruddh said it right. There are no words. This scene has no words. But this is an important movie, a very poignant film for these tough times. Watch it, and learn how to care for your friends.

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When Manav Deshmukh from Pavitra Rishta actually cried on screen, showing us that men can be vulnerable too

Pavitra Rishta was the TV show that propelled Sushant Singh Rajput to fame. He was loved by all, and his character, Manav Deshmukh really fought through the toughest times for his family and his wife. They were welcomed into our homes every night, and entertained us for two long years. For that, we’ll always be grateful.

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And finally, when Sushant Singh Rajput’s Jhalak Dikhla Jaa performance was beautiful, from the heart

Dedicated to his mother, Sushant Singh Rajput performed a breathtaking contemporary dance number to Lukka Chhuppi. The song is a touching, heartbreaking one, and Sushant was performing it with all honesty, revealing his vulnerabilities. That’s the toughest thing to do, I imagine. To bare it all. But he did that, for the audience.

We’ll always be indebted to Sushant Singh Rajput for making us smile through Pavitra Rishta, his super cute, super relatable film characters and the heroes that he played, and his interviews in which he’d talk about the very real, very raw consequences of fame and fortune. He was an engineer, actor, dancer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and a son and a friend. That’s how he should be remembered. Through the legacy that he left behind.

Sushant Singh Rajput stole our hearts and entertained us for years. For that, we’ll forever be grateful.

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