5 best Hrithik Roshan disguises in Dhoom 2, ranked!

14 years ago, on 24 November 2006, Dhoom 2 came out and was totally dhamaakedaar in our lives. The movie had everything: action, drama, romance, Ali…and the sizzling chemistry between Aishwarya + Hrithik.

Speaking of, Hrithik’s character, the suave, sexy conman, donned many outfits as he was a ‘master of disguise’ in the movie. Here are our 6 favourite disguises of Aryan, ranked:

5 / 5

old man

This old man was first caught outside the museum where Aryan stole a prized jewel, by Ali. But Ali felt bad for him and let him go. In a sudden turn of events, the old man disappeared inside A SEWER IN THE GROUND — much to Ali’s (and my) chagrin.

4 / 5

the snotty little kid

The look on Sunehri’s face when she catches that the snotty little, pasty-looking kid sitting next to her is the mastermind Aryan himself, is pretty priceless. TBH, this look reminds me a lot of Hrithik’s Koi Mil Gaya look. I can imagine this kid stealing something and then saying “Horlicks chahiye”.

3 / 5

this sexy chef dude

Yes, I would very much like some salad. Although, I don’t see how much of a disguise this is. Sure, his hair is in a bandana and he’s wearing some sort of goatee, but…he pretty much looks the same. The cops (and Sunehri) are quite stupid to not see it.

2 / 5

the freaking sculpture!

I mean. I have no words. He swam underwater and sneaked into the museum’s bathroom (what, even) and then stood in place of a sculpture (how convenient) and just casually robbed a diamond. Like. What.

1 / 5

queen of frickin’ england

Look, I get the old man. I get the sexy chef dude. I even get the goddamn sculpture. But…Queen of England is really something else. If this isn’t what genius is, they have to redefine the word.

Or redefine Queen of England itself.

What’s your favourite part about Dhoom2? Tell us!

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