5 Bollywood Films Where The Girl Said Yes To The Wrong Guy!

There are some characters that make you fall in ,love with them instantly and there are some that feel like a walking-talking red-flag! The characters the girls end up in a film makes me feel – Ohh God, the girl deserved much better! Or say, you wanted to scream and put some sense into the girl and say – JUST DON’T CHOOSE HIM. HE IS NOT THE ONE. What a bummer when something like this happens, right?

Well, the same has happened with us too. We have picked 5 films where we wished the girl had picked someone else and not the main character of the film.

1. Preeti Sikka From Kabir Singh

Love, at first sight, is dreamy, but don’t let this ‘bekhayali’ fool you. Kabir Singh was a problematic male in so many different ways. Not once did Kabir ask Preeti for her consent. He declared her to be his property and if this wasn’t enough, his rage added to the toxicity. Preeti should have taken her stand and just said ‘NO’

Even if we consider that she was in love with Kabir Singh, but how will we justify all the anger, the slap, and the abandonment of Preeti? Well, you can’t just walk in one day and expect her to accept you. Which in this case, Preeti did! This seemed too problematic. She just shouldn’t have.

2. Naina From Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewaani is one of the most loved romantic film. People loved Naina and Bunny’s Jodi a little too much. But, Bunny was just a self-centered guy who didn’t care about anyone’s feelings. First, he looked for physical appearance, and then he was so commitment-phobic that he eventually decided to leave her and just pursue his dreams. What disappoints the audience is that Naina forgives everything in a blink of an eye and accepts him. Okay, how can I not be pissed now? He is not the one Naina!

3. Anjali Sharma From Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Rahul Khanna (played by Shah Rukh Khan) – a character with whom Anjali shouldn’t have ended up. Aman was a much better choice for her. Rahul dated Tina in college and completely neglected Anjali’s feelings. He comes back when Anjali is about to get married and convinces her to marry him. I mean why! The bob-cut Anjali wasn’t pretty enough to date? Now that she has long hair, wears a sari, and completes the so-called definition of a beautiful woman, he wants to date her!

4. Reena Malhotra From Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein

Identity theft, seriously? What Maddy did to get Reena (played by Dia Mirza) was completely wrong. Though his intentions were pure, Reena agreed to meet, talk and go out with him only because she thought that he is Rajeev – the guy she was supposed to marry. The real bummer is when Reena forgives him and agrees to spend the rest of her life with him. Well, a perfect romantic Bollywood movie, but in real life – A BIG NO!

5. Sandhya From Dum Laga Ke Haisha

All that Prem did was fat shame his wife Sandhya. He never loved her, never respected her and didn’t even talk nicely to her. But only because she agreed to take part in a race to help her in laws, Prem ends up loving her. Well, Sandhya should have just not taken him back and she should have shifted to Meerut (since she got a job there) and ended her marriage. This would have been a great lesson for all the men who mistreats women.

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