5 Moments From Bhuj The Pride Of India That Gave Us Goosebumps!

Bhuj The Pride of India was released on Disney+Hotstar, and we must say that many of the unsung heroes got a well-deserved nationalistic tribute. Bhuj told us the story of an Indian Air Force airbase that valiantly resisted repeated strafing in the 1971 India -Pakistan war. They beautifully inculcated every aspect that happened during that particular phase. 

Writer-director Abhishek Dudhaiya and co-writers Raman Kumar, Ritesh Shah, and Pooja Bhavoria made sure that every character is given importance. It roars patriotism. The dialogues, the songs, the war sequences, the sacrifices made, and the final win, each and every moment is something to vouch for. 

Ajay Devgn plays the role of Vijay Karni, the air force base’s commanding officer in the most convincing way. Ammy Virk as pilot Vikram stole the show with his acting, Sharad Kelkar as military officer Ram and Sanjay Dutt as Pagi impresses the audience. Nora Fateha as Heena did a decent job while Sonakshi Sinha failed to create the magic. 

There are few moments in the film released on Disney+ Hotstar that will either leave you with a lump in your throat or goosebumps all over the body. 

5. A Speech That We All Need!

It takes courage to sacrifice your life for the love of the nation. Fear of losing our lives, not being able to see our families again, are the few fears that hold us back. Ajay Devgn as Vijay Karnik stands in front of 300 women and some men who were skeptical to help the air force build their runway, as the attacks were on. Ajay Devgn didn’t convince or request people but told them the story of courage, valor, and sacrifices, which automatically brought people together. He remembers things said by his father and dialogues like “ Tiranga Ya Toh Lehra Kar Aana Ya Tirange Mein Lipatkar Aana” make your eyes wet! 

4. We Wish This Didn’t Happen!

Nora Fatehi’s character had a short life in the film, but she made sure that while she lasts, she leaves a lasting impression on the audience. The scene where she gets caught and the last fight to get the information she has across to the Air Force is worth watching. She gave a tough fight to the Pakistani soldiers. She lived by the oath “ Main Rahun Yaa Naa Rahun, Mere Hindustan Ko Salaam Rakhna ” She faces death keeping her head high and yelling “Jai Hind ” giving us goosebumps and a lump down the throat at the same moment!

3. Feel The Blood Rush! 

Some sequences will have a special impact on you and this will last with you for the longest. One such scene was when the war was beginning and Sharad Kelkar and Sanjay Dutt were ready with their men to take down a battalion that was coming their way. The dialogue and the sound effects that play at that moment are something that will give you goosebumps. “Hain Liye Hatyaar Haath Mein Dushman Taak Mein Baitha Udhar, Aur Hum Taiyaar Hai Seena Liye Apna Idhar” dialogues like these will definitely give you a blood rush. 

2. Hold Your Tears People!  (SPOILER AHEAD)

War leaves a lot of heaviness in your heart as you lose people. Sacrifices are to be made. The scene where Sharad Kelkar gets stabbed while fighting was something really unexpected, but what gives you a lump in the throat is him looking straight into the eye of the opponent while he stands there and shoots him. That look described bravery in so many different ways! 

Sanjay Dutt, on the other hand, fought hundreds of opponents single-handedly. One could see the exhaustion, but the will in his eyes to protect his country made him fight more. The final kill he makes gives us goosebumps and it all makes us clap for him.

1. The EPIC Landing! 

Ammy Virk stole the show. He had a really powerful role to play in the film and this scene tops the list. Ammy Virk standing right in front of his juniors and telling them that they have just 1% chance of surviving but those who wish to sacrifice for their nation can join him, is an epic scene to watch. The best part that keeps you hooked and gets your heart beat fast is when Ammy Virk tries to land the flight on top of a truck and Ajay Devgn, in spite of knowing that the truck might blast, makes an attempt to save the lives of the soldiers present in the plane. Each and every shot of the landing sequence made our hearts pound. 

PS:- Do not miss Ammy Virk’s other great moments in the film too. 

Which was your favorite scene from the film? Do let us know.

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