5 Reasons Why Mammootty Is The Undisputed Star Even At The Age Of 70

Mammootty, the megastar of Malayalam cinema turns 70 today. Even at this age, he is unarguably the best the industry has ever received. There is no role that this superstar can’t do. Be it the role of a super cool dad or a superhero or a priest or a villain, Mammotty has doned every hat with perfection. 

More than half a decade in the industry, and this man still remains to be everyone’s favorite! There’s a reason for it! So, today on this special occasion let us have a look at some of the best reasons that make him a legendary superstar!

1. Good Looks, Good Looks, And Good Looks! 

Look at the man. Who can say that he is 70? He is still dashing, handsome, and can make anyone go weak in the knees. Right from the time he started his journey in the industry, he has been the ever-charming hero and he continues to stay still. He is a granddad in real life (DIGEST THIS FACT NOW). The way he carries himself is commendable. Look at some of his hot pictures! 

2. Diversity In Roles 

He can make you cry, he can make you ugly cry and he can make you fall in love. Yes! This is the reason why he is undoubtedly the unbeatable star of the industry. Right from Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha, Big B, Loudspeaker, to Rajamanikyam and The Great Father, he made us believe that he was born to play this role. He has a forte in transforming himself completely into the character he plays.

3. No Hesitation In Asking For A Role (STILL)

Yes! You read that right. He is a megastar, but still, he believes in asking for roles upfront. He believes that it is him, who needs cinema, and hence he would never shy away from asking for roles. Well, being down to earth even after being the biggest superstar makes him attractive too. 

4. Accepts His Flaws! 

Mammootty is well aware of his flaws. He is one actor who isn’t into dancing, and people have always mocked him whenever he attempts to do one. But he went out of his comfort zone and tried shaking his legs in Rajamanikyam. Though memes went viral instantly, he took it sportingly and said that he knows that he can’t dance. He has also surprised his fans by sharing his favorite trolls on Kasaba, and he also enjoys it when the mimicry artists copy him. Having said that, there is an interesting fact about him. Mammootty believes in dubbing, he says that it is an essential factor in cinema and that it adds weight to the character. 

5. Supports New Talent! 

Mammootty entered the film industry when the world wasn’t aware of the term Nepotism. This man was born into a middle-class family and he built this entire empire on his own. Since he knows the struggle that goes behind this, he makes sure that new talent gets a chance in the industry. Mammotty also believes that young talent has the potential to bring fresh ideas to the cinema; hence he always promotes them.

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