5 Things Kajol Can Do Better Than All Of Us

The queen of Bollywood, Kajol was born on this day. She has revolutionized the Indian film industry with her natural acting, mischievous personality and her infamous eyebrows. To celebrate Kajol’s birthday we decided to make a list of things that make Kajol… well Kajol.

Here are 5 things Kajol can do better than us-

1. Play Basketball in a saree

Remember when Anjali had to defend her honour and honesty in front of that cheater, Rahul? Remember when he challenged her to a game of basketball in front of a million kids and put her on the spot? Remember when she played that game of basketball in a SAREE and absolutely slayed? Talk about an empowering female! Playing basketball is hard enough, but playing it in a saree is something only Kajol can do. I hope she’s added that to her resume.

2. say a shayari with utmost perfection

Kajol in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham was iconic. And out of her many many legendary scenes, the one where she mistakes Rahul for Ashfaq Miyan, a shayar. Her self confidence in this scene is something we all wish we had, and her shayari skills are something we’re glad we don’t have. She delivers her (terrible) shayari with such assurance, it’s a delight to watch on screen. Kajol, tussi bade mazakiyan ho!

3. Catch a running train

For those who take (or at least used to, thanks Covid) the locals, you know how hard it is to hop on a running train. Now imagine doing that in a full wedding outfit, with jewels and everything. And also imagine doing it to symbolize your freedom, break misogynistic traditions and follow your heart. It ain’t easy, but for Kajol, it certainly was. Simran running towards Raj in DDLJ is the epitome of romance and nothing and no one will ever compare.

4. Solve a murder on the sly

*Spoiler alert* In Baazigar, when Seema was ruthlessly pushed off a building and it was staged as a suicide, we were all beyond shocked. What shocked us more was that everyone bought it and didn’t bother double checking… except Priya. She knew something didn’t add up and with the help of her trusted cop friend, she ended up solving Seema’s murder and uncovering the truth all on her own and on the sly. Major respect!

happy birthday kajol ajay devgn

5. commit a murder on the sly

Kajol is as versatile as an actress gets. She not only can solve murders on the sly, but also commit them on the sly! Remember how she almost got away with murder, despite having a witness at the crime scene? Absolutely iconic. She was the perfect villainelle in every way and Gupt would have been unbearable without her and her shady ways.

happy birthday kajol ajay devgn

Kajol is a filmy icon and Bollywood is but an empty canvas without her colourful nature. She has trail-blazed her way through Indian cinema and will continue to do so.

Happy Birthday, Kajol! We hope your day is as amazing as you are!

Which is your favourite Kajol movie? Let us know!

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