7 Real Reasons Why We Love Thappad

Anubhav Sinha’s Thappad has been nominated for Best Film and Best Editing at the 14th Asian Film Awards alongside movies like Parasite and A Sun. And if you have seen Thappad, you won’t be surprised. Taapsee Pannu’s movies are usually eye-opening, but this one was enlightening on a whole new level.

It’s a feminist movie, but not one that bashes men, over exaggerates abuse or is preachy. It’s subtle and relatable in every way.

Here are 7 Real Reasons Why We Love Thappad:

1. Defines the true meaning of a slap aka a thappad

Thappad isn’t preachy in any way. It doesn’t glorify abuse and nor does it add mirch masala to it. It merely says it as it is. Even if it was one slap, it’s wrong. “Bas nahi maar sakta”. The movie shows the implications even one seemingly unimportant slap can have on a woman. It breaks her confidence, shatters her self respect and humiliates her in every way. And sometimes, like in the movie, it can even empower her and open her eyes to all the misogyny she has been surrounded with and even accepted.

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2. It doesn’t show the husband as an evil violent abuser

When it comes to showing domestic abuse on screen, the abuser is always thirsty for blood and shown as scum of the earth. But in Thappad he’s shown as a good person who made a bad mistake. You don’t end up hating Vikram, but pitying him. Pitying his upbringing and our society that made him slap her and not realise his mistake in doing so. It’s relatable, human and beautifully shown.

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3. Pavail Gulati and his Puppy dog eyes

Pavail Gulati plays Vikram in Thappad and he is phenomenal. Pavail Gulati and his puppy dog eyes were the one of the best parts about Thappad. He played Vikram’s character so realistically and brought to light our inner patriarchy that most of us don’t even know we have. PS- He’s also super cute so that helped too.

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4. Kumud Mishra as the BEST DAD EVER

Seeing Kumud Mishra playing Amrita’s father in Thappad was heart warming in every way. We just wanted to hug him and cry on his lap. He set the benchmark for all dads, that is undeniable.

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5. It Brings India’s deep rooted patriarchy to the surface

Thappad, in a very subtle way, showed all of us that we are misogynistic. The fact that one, very public slap, was considered to be ‘no big deal’ by the husband, mother-in-law, Amrita’s lawyer (at first) Amrita’s mother and brother just goes to show how much we undermine patriarchy. Just like them, it showed us that we are conditioned at home to put men on a pedestal, from serving them food, not allowing them in the kitchen and essentially babying them.

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6. Amrita serving truth bombs to her M-I-L

*spoiler alert* At the baby blessing ceremony towards the end, Vikram’s mother begs Amrita to come home and Amrita CLAPS BACK. She, in a very nice and respectful way, tells off her M-I-L. The night of the slap, not once did anyone ask if SHE was okay, hurt or embarrassed. No one cared about anything except the fact that slaps “happen all the time” and she should get over it. In fact they asked if Vikram was alright… (10/10 logic, right?). Amrita’s monologue resonated with all of us because we were all guilty of atleast one of the things she said, and we never knew.

7. the positive, non-man-bashing ending

*spoiler alert* The ending is NOT sad! It’s not showing Amrita stealing her baby, fighting for custody or even hating her husband. In fact, it’s optimistic. Vikram finally apologises and uses his puppy dog eyes to tell Amrita he will win her back. Instead of shutting him off, Amrita hints at being open to giving him a second chance because she knows he isn’t a terrible person! It shows that forgiving someone doesn’t make you a bad person or make their mistake okay, it just makes you human.

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Thappad is a must watch for everyone, whether they are a “woke feminist” or not. It’s a beautifully made film and rightly deserves to be nominated for the 14th Asian Film Awards. If you haven’t seen it, you’re letting yourself down.

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