7 Types of Boyfriends, as Portrayed by Vicky Kaushal Characters

Vicky Kaushal has been nothing but a gift to humankind. Whether it’s his boyish charm, his goofy character or his rock-hard physique, he’s become a total heartthrob.

Here are 7 of his characters that perfectly portray 7 types of boyfriends-

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The Shy, Innocent one- Deepak from Masaan

Masaan is a cinematic masterpiece and Vicky Kaushal as Deepak was brilliant. He was shy, subdued, innocent and essentially the NICEST person ever. He would make the perfect boyfriend, although he would take time for him to open up to you, but when he does, he’d be a keeper. You would wear the pants in the relationship with no objection from his side. There would be less fighting, drama and anger involved. He would love you with all his heart and constantly make you feel special. 

masaan happy birthday vicky kaushal

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The Smart One- Sanjay from Love Per Square Foot

Call him scheming, conniving or merely smart, a relationship with him would be a wild ride. He is the personification of ‘Jugaad’, but more classy of course. He’d give you the smartest (but not always the safest) solution to your problems. He’d be quick on his feet, pun intended. He’d be sneaking into your house post midnight or sneaking you out of your house post midnight. But he’d be clean on the inside and always have good intentions. A relationship with him would be a thrill ride. 

love per square foot happy birthday vicky kaushal

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The Bad Boy- Vicky from Manmarziyaan 

The tattoos, the piercings, dramatic haircuts, swanky jewellery, ripped jeans, the eyeliner and the will to live dangerously would make him your quintessential bad boy. He would always have an “I don’t care” exterior and frankly, a similar interior. Dating him would be a rollercoaster, with loads of highs, (pun intended), but a rollercoaster you would eventually get off of. He won’t be dependable, emotionally available or even loyal, but he would be FUN. 

manmarziyaan happy birthday vicky kaushal

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The Goody Two Shoes- Iqbal from Raazi

As a boyfriend, he would always play by the rules. He’d be ethical and keep you on track as well. He would fall in love fast, and have his heart broken even faster. He’d try to be hard and ‘proper’ on the outside, but on the inside he would be full of emotion and mushiness. He’d take great care of you and be there all the time. He’d be dependable, reliable and supportive, just like your Bata school shoes. 

raazi happy birthday vicky kaushal

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The Bold and Beautiful one- Major Vihaan from URI: The Surgical Strike

Dating an Indian Army man is every girl’s dream. Their discipline is just so damn attractive! The way the dress, talk, behave, and even walk is extraordinary. Dating him would not be easy, but it would be worth it. However, you’d have to make peace with the fact that you’d never be his first priority, it would always be the country. He’d be tough and brave on the outside, but he’d be an emotional mess inside, which you would need to help him with. Dating him would be draining, but equally rewarding. 

URI the surgical strike happy birthday vicky kaushal

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The Nice Guy- Kamlesh from Sanju

He’d get you chocolates during your period, watch chick flicks with you, help you with your finances, cook for you and most importantly, he would make you feel supported all the time. Emotional, physical or mental support, he’d give it to you. He would become your safety net from day one and always be there to take care of you in your darkest times, especially if you have an addiction issue. 

sanju happy birthday vicky kaushal

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The Adventurous but Reckless One- Prithvi from Bhoot

One he sets his mind to something, he would be determined to finish it, no matter the cost or risk. Dating him would be adventurous but also very worrisome. You’d wake up in the middle of the night only to find him exploring an abandoned ship and possibly exposing himself to vengeful spirits. You’d never be able to control him or make him see logic. He’d always be searching for the next mission or treasure. But once he falls for you, he will give you his undivided attention, guaranteed.

bhoot part one the haunted ship happy birthday vicky kaushal

Vicky Kaushal is a walking thirst trap. Dating him in any form would be a bliss. He has given us some of the most memorable characters on screen and we can’t wait for the ones yet to come. Happy Birthday Vicky, please stay single.

PS- We haven’t included Vicky from Bada Pachtaoge because we still can’t get over how one could cheat on him with some strange dancing hippie)

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