8 real reasons why Rajkumar Hirani is loved by all

Bollywood’s much loved and respected director, Rajkumar Hirani, celebrates his birthday today. A filmmaker who is loved across the spectrum, popular among actors and fans, and is a household family name, Rajkumar Hirani is an inspiration to Indians all over the world. Here are 8 real reasons why he’s loved by all:

1. Because his movies always carry a social message

Without ever being preachy! In PK he tackles religious dogma. In the Munnabhai series he explores the failures of Indian medical care as well as Ahimsa and the teachings of Gandhi. 3 Idiots was the first time student pressure and ragging was brought to the forefront. Every movie carries important social messages that are relevant to our society, and that every family needs to become aware of.

2. Because of the impeccable humour in his films

At a time when slapstick comedy was worn out in every Hindi film, Rajkumar Hirani came out with Munnabhai MBBS, which was a movie with equal parts comedy and drama. Circuit’s hilarious ‘bhai’ dialogues and Munnabhai’s idiosyncrasies cracked us up, and still do. The ‘balatkar’ scene in 3 Idiots will go down in history as one of the funniest scenes of all time. Rajkumar Hirani’s humour is accessible to every audience type, which is what makes his comedy so universal.

3. Because of his unique lead protagonists

Munnabhai is a loveable don who pretends to be a doctor to please his father. You think you know him, and that’s when he reveals another side to you. Sanju might be a somewhat biased portrayal of Sanjay Dutt, but is totally honest about his life and mistakes he’s made, all the while maintaining his humanity. Rancho is completely out of this world, the ideal man for both boys and girls. And PK’s adorable innocence made us fall in love with the idea of aliens, and become repulsed by the grossness of human beings.

4. Because of his films’ iconic dialogues

Which Indian does not know jaadu ki jhappi? Or All Izz Well? These two sentences are so endearing, so full of warmth and love, that they have become part of our daily vocabulary. Before any exam, just say “all izz well” and the paper will be fine. Make someone’s day by giving them a jaadu ki jhappi. Watch a Raju Hirani movie to feel better about your day.

5. Because his movies make you weep buckets

Okay, that scene when Anand Bhai is brought back from a coma? And when Zaheer bhai was going to die? Those pretty much broke me. If you didn’t cry when Raju was in the hospital and Rancho’s support brought him back to life, you’re dead inside. If you weren’t heartbroken when Manisha Koirala, as Nargis, was slipping from Sanju’s life, you’re made of stone. Rajkumar Hirani sure has comedy in his movies, but the amount they make us cry is enough to fill a well.

6. Because he’s all about quality, not quantity

In 20 years, Rajkumar Hirani has directed 5 films. Can you believe it?! With just 5 films, he became a sensation. Actually, his directorial debut Munnabhai MBBS itself concretised him as an icon, and he’s only held the standards higher ever since. Imagine being so great a director, that you set your own standards!

Source: Moneycontrol

7. Because of the EPIC songs in his films

The minute “Munnabhai MBBS” starts playing, we all get up and dance — ekdum tapori style mein. When “Zoobie Doobie” is played, we all wanna groove and believe in the magic of love, “jaise filmo mein hota hai”. Who doesn’t love the suaveness of “Baba Bolta Hai”? Every song in Hirani’s movies are EPIC, and only prove that song and dance will never leave Bollywood. The audience just wants authentic, ORIGINAL music.

8. And finally, because of this kind-hearted smile

LOOK AT THIS SMILE. Just see how Rajkumar Hirani’s face breaks into such a gentle, warm look. You know that behind this smile lies a kind-hearted person whose talent is bursting at the seams.

We wish Rajkumar Hirani a very happy birthday, full of laughter and love, because that’s what he’s given us over the years.

‘Real Reasons Why’ is a series of articles that reveal the actual, underlying reasons why our favourite movies, TV shows, songs, actions and personalities are really our favourite. It is the ultimate, truthful throwback to some of our beloved memories. Keep a look-out every Thursday for more!

What is the real reason why you love Rajkumar Hirani? Let us know!

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