8 REAL Reasons Why We Love Kal Ho Naa Ho

Kal Ho Naa Ho is a gift that keeps on giving. It’s one of Bollywood’s most legendary movies and stars the dream team- Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan and Preity Zinta. Kal Ho Naa Ho is an emotional romantic comedy in which 3 people, Naina, Aman and Rohit navigate their way through their intertwining love lives and family ties. The movie makes you laugh a lot and cry just as much. While the main focus is on Naina and her love for Aman, it isn’t the real reason we love this movie. 

Here are the REAL reasons why we love Kal Ho Naa Ho

1. Rohit

Out of the terrific Aman-Naina-Rohit trio, Rohit was the best one. He was the diamond among the rocks. He was kind, cultured, humble and downright adorable. Plus he doted on his gorgeous dog, BIG plus. He was a perfect catch and till date it confuses me how Naina didn’t automatically have feelings for him. (maybe she needed to get her eyes checked). Rohit set the bar so high when it came to compassionate, good natured men. He was so nice that he didn’t even mind being Naina’s second choice! Rohit always was and always will be the best part of Kal Ho Na Ho. 

Rohit from Kal Ho Naa Ho

2. Kanta ben

We know the Kanta Ben jingle is playing in your head right now. Kanta Ben was a character who won our hearts from the get go. She was so cute and so overprotective of Rohit, we can somewhat let her homophobia slide. She devoted her life to making Rohit happy and did all she could, in her limited Gujju-ben power to keep him away from demons aka Aman and their ‘“relationship”. She was loyal, helpful (only to Rohit) and we absolutely adore her

Kanta Ben Kal Ho Naa Ho

3. Galat Ghar Scene

The epitome of confusion, the ‘Galat Ghar’ scene was sheer comical genius. There were 4 parties in this scene, Rohit, Guru, the Kapurs and the Kapoors. It’s no secret that the 2 Kapu/oor families are the root of this mixup. Rohit, aka the purest soul goes to Jazz and Sweetu’s house and is mistaken for a blind date, who was actually Guru who ends up going to Naina’s house. The added confusion of Naina’s dadi mistaking Guru for Naina’s potential fiance adds fuel to the fire. Every second in this scene will have you in splits, right from Jazz weirdly seducing Rohit, Guru’s white Nirma washed tuxedo, everyone constantly saying “it’s okay”, to the very end. This is easily one of the best written scenes to ever exist in Bollywood.

4. Naina’s OTT Proposal

Rohit’s proposal to Naina was another level of EXTRA, but we live for it. Everything was so over the top! Naina arriving in a while limousine, dressed in all white, Rohit dramatically making an entrance with red roses and saying with full swag, “Naina, Naina, Naina, Marry Me”. (Yes he says it thrice, and each time he does, a church bell rings), and the best and most OTT part, the choir of women singing opera in gold dresses. This full on Marwari proposal by a Gujrati boy is what Dharma dreams are made of. (Also, let’s take a minute to applaud Rohit who finally made it out of the friendzone)

Kal ho naa ho

5. Crying Aman

Shah Rukh Khan was crying like his life depended on it. 90% of the world’s glycerine was used solely in this scene. If Aman was trying to be subtle about his heartbreak, he was clearly failing. Despite being ridiculously fake, Aman crying actually added value to the movie, and we’re here for it.

Aman crying Kal Ho naa Ho

6. 6 Din ladki in

From a feminist perspective, maybe this wasn’t the best plan, but comically speaking, it was brilliant. “6 Din Ladki In” gave us a bromance we didn’t know we needed. Aman cutely helping Rohit woo Naina and escape the friendzone was extremely wholesome. This weird plan that literally involved Rohit straight up ignoring Naina, then intensely telling her he likes her and then literally telling her to “take it or leave it” was ICONIC. It showed us a risky, bold, sexy side of sweet Rohit, and we loved it. Plus it actually worked!

Kal Ho naa Ho

7. The G-U-J-J-U song

The song that changed the course of all Sangeets, G-U-J-J-U has become a symbol of sheer fun. Irrespective of whether you’ve seen Kal Ho Naa Ho or not, you know the lyrics and the dance to G-U-J-J-U. In fact, this short and sweet melody sets the mood not only for Sangeets, but for clubs, bars and even showers (don’t even try denying it)

8. aman grunting

This is self explanatory. Aman seductively saying “I know, I’m very very sexy” was the cake and his primitive “GRR” that followed was the cherry on top. Some laughed at it, some were turned on by it, but all thoroughly enjoyed it. 

Kal Ho naa Ho

Kal Ho Naa Ho was a true cinematic gem, and no movie has ever (and will ever) come close to it. It’s the perfect movie to watch when you’re feeling happy, sad, confused, angry or even lost. The Kal Ho Naa Ho movie, Kal Ho Naa Ho songs, and everything else will always be dear to us.

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