5 Abhishek Bachchan Films That Prove His Versatility

One of the most underrated actors of Bollywood, Abhishek Bachchan has time and time again proved his brilliance. With movies like Refugee, LOC Kargil, Zameen, etc. he has shown his acting skills and shown that being a star kid doesn’t mean life is easy. Today, let’s celebrate Junior Bachchan’s birthday with some of his films that prove how versatile of an actor he really is. 

1. Guru 

Playing the role of an industrial scion with conviction is no mean feat, but Abhishek took this mammoth task upon himself and proved himself brilliantly. His acting was well-received by critics and fans alike, and his chemistry with Aishwarya proved to be similar in real life as well. 


Image via: India TV

2. Bol Bachchan

In comedy, either you are funny or you aren’t. With Bol Bachchan, Abhishek proved that he is equally skilled in comedic roles as he is in serious or dramatic roles. Playing two roles in a single film, Junior Bachchan easily showed off his skills and how easy it is for him to seamlessly switch roles. 


Image via: Bollyspice

3. Yuva

Playing a hardened criminal who doesn’t give two hoots was a role Abhishek Bachchan owed. With veterans like Ajay Devgn, Om Puri, and Rani Mukherji, Abhishek Bachchan’s Lallan won him the Filmfare award and made him a fan favorite. 


Image via: Newsbytes

4. Ludo

We all knew AB could play the ruthless criminal when he wanted, but playing a criminal with a soft spot for kids? Ludo gave us a character unlike anything else, where we saw AB’s skills which showed how hard he worked on every role he got and gave his everything. 


Image via: New Indian Express

5. Bluffmaster!

An underrated film with underrated actors, Bluffmaster is a must-watch film. A conman with a heart of golf who gets conned is a role Abhishek was born to play, and his acting skills are unparalleled in this hilarious movie. 


Image via: Latestly

Which film did you like the most?

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