Biopics Are the New Black: 7 Biopics Releasing in 2020

We know how trends work. One thing starts, everyone seems to love it, we see it everywhere, and then it dies out to give way to the next big thing. And the hottest trend in the film industry today is, but of course, the Biopic.

One hundred and twenty minutes (on average) are purely dedicated to celebrating one human being’s ‘greatness’, all the while guaranteeing the lead actor the Filmfare Award for ‘Best Actor’. So it’s no surprise, really, that Bollywood is obsessed with biopics right now.

Quentin Tarantino went viral in December for saying that he has “no respect for the Biopic”, how it’s so boring to just tell one person’s story. I know you’re thinking right now that hey, they haven’t really been boring. Yes, well, that’s because Bollywood doesn’t really stick to the truth. Sure, it tells on person’s story, but it’s filled with an awful lot of coincidental choreographed dance, perfect dialogues, and perfectly made up faces. Obviously, real life is a little different, na?

Let’s have a look at the ones coming out this year.


Starring Ajay Devgn, Priyamani, and directed by Amit Ravindrenath Sharma, this is an ode to Indian football coach Syed Abdul Rahim

2. Shershah

Source: Wikipedia

Starring Sidharth Malhotra and directed by Vishnuvardhan, Malhotra plays Vikram Batra, an Indian war hero who was martryed in Kargil

3.Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Indian Express

Starring Jhanvi Kapoor and directed by Sharan Sharma. She plays the role of Gunjan Saxena, the first female Indian Airforce pilot

4.Prithviraj Chauhan

Prithviraj Chauhan Film Teaser

This Akshay Kumar starrer is dedicated to the famous king, and is directed by Chandraprakash Dwivedi

5. Thalaivi

Thalaivi First Look

Kangna Ranaut plays Jayalalitha, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, who passed away in 2016


83 First Look
Ranveer Singh pays tribute to Kapil Dev in this film, directed by Kabir Khan

7.Sardar Udham Singh

Starring Vicky Kaushal, this Shoojit Sircar film is meant to bring the freedom fighter, Sardar Udham Singh to life

So, the Biopic is clearly here to stay. It’s no surprise that they’re all films about freedom fighters, sports heroes, iconic role models in politics and society. They represent an idea of India that is but an idea—that we are always brave, successful, triumphant, and noble. And yet, there is so much about ordinary people’s lives that are worthy of becoming films. Why not continue telling the story of the common Indian, fighting common battles? We still have hope in you, Bollywood!

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