9 Times Bollywood CGI Was The Worst

While technology in the film industry, like CGI and VFX, have come a long way, Bollywood rarely gets it right. While films like Baahubali and Padmaavat are examples of how to use technology for the viewing of a lifetime, there are some really, really cringe-inducing CGI scenes in Bollywood that make us crack up by their (failed) attempts.

1. Half Girlfriend

 Bollywood CGI

Image via: Reddit

 This one takes the cake, where Bill Gates’ face was plastered via CGI on some random person’s photo, badly. 

2. Rudraksh

Bollywood CGI

The OG cringe CGI, Rudraksh had computerized Himalayas, laboratories, the hypnotic rat, and other effects that did nothing but bring down the film. 

3. Mohenjo Daro

Bollywood CGI

Image via: YouTube

A crocodile that jumps wayy high in the air and prances around like a dolphin? Instead of a sense of action, all this scene did was make us laugh. 

4. Kalank

Bollywood CGI

Image via: DeviantArt

Varun Dhawan is just about ready to lose a bullfight, when he suddenly jumps on the back of the bull and wins the fight. Yeah, we don’t understand it either.

5. Jaani Dushman

Bollywood CGI

Image via: ScoopWhoop

No movie can compete with this one for the worst CGI, because it takes all the cake. From a bride turning into a skeleton to superimposing actors’ faces on snakes, this movie is a laugh riot. 

6. Krrish 3

Bollywood CGI

From a high budget superhero film like Krrish 3, we expected better than a fake plane being saved by its wheels by a jumping Hrithik Roshan. But alas, we were in for a disappointment. 

7. Ra.One

Bollywood CGI

Image via: DNA India

Our beloved SRK looks a lot like a badly done CGI figure in this film, where technology was one of the most powerful driving forces. 

8. Vaah! Life Ho Toh Aisi!

Bollywood CGI

We’ll forgive them the bad attempt at comedy, but not the worst CGI buffalo in the history of the film industry. 

9. Aabra Ka Dabra 

Bollywood CGI

Image via: DailyMotion

This film, which some people dubbed as a Harry Potter knockoff, had some of the worst CGI effects to portray a magic school. The film which included Anupam Kher seemed like an amateur production at the end of it. 

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