5 Reasons to watch Dear Zindagi today

Let’s not kid ourselves, 2020 was the worst year ever. Natural calamities, COVID-19, deaths of so many beloved people and the added pressure of work from home – everyone suffered. Restrictions on going out, meeting friends or just spending time was no longer possible, which is why our mental health suffered too. Kaira in Dear Zindagi was the same. Dear Zindagi was an honest and refreshing take on the perils of modern life and mental health, and how to deal with it without the stigma of society. For many (including us), it gave us hope in dark times. Today, as the year ends, watch Dear Zindagi and make plans to have a healthier mindset, and maybe, just maybe, fall in love with life a little bit more. Here are reasons you should watch Dear Zindagi right now:

1.Shahrukh in a role like never before

We are used to seeing SRK as the romantic protagonist who sings songs atop mountains and makes the ladies swoon with his charm. In Dear Zindagi, he plays Dr. Jehangir Khan, a psychiatrist, a man with years of wisdom. His unconventional methods of treatment along with his pearls of wisdom like “Khul ke ro nahi sakogi toh khul kar has kaise paogi?” instantly won us over.

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2. Realistic portrayal of mental health 

No item songs, no physical fights or all the bling that comes with Bollywood movies – Dear Zindagi has none of it. It’s a simple film, really, with a simple message – anyone can be depressed, and it’s completely okay to be depressed. Instead of romanticizing mental health, Dear Zindagi showed us how to master it and live life.

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3. Challenges norms of society

Dear Zindagi tackles issues like loving your parents, taking a break from your job, stigma with unconventional jobs, abandonment, seeing professional help for mental health – the film addressed all these important issues that pervade us.

dear zindagi

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4. The scenic beauty of Goa

While it’s not possible for everyone to get treated amidst the beauty of Goa, the picturesque background did provide a very calm vibe to the film. With its beaches and bungalows (and cycle rides), we were instantly won over.  

dear zindagi

Image via Biz Asia

5. ‘Love You Zindagi’

Be it a dull day or a sad one, this song by Jasleen Royal and Amit Trivedi always manages to brighten up our day. Some use it as an anthem for when things go wrong, or some to keep the glimmer of hope alive. Whatever the reason, we love you Zindagi!    

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