5 Films That Showcase The Father- Daughter Bond

While we have seen how mothers dote upon their sons (Mother India comes to mind), fathers and daughters have a special bond. While Bollywood is mostly comfortable showing an obedient daughter and a father who decides everything for his daughter and treats her only as his family’s honor, films are now slowly changing this dynamic. We are proud and awed to see fathers trying to understand their daughters, have a more amicable and playful relationship with them. Here are some wonderful examples. 

1. Dangal 

Based on the true story of the Phogat family, Aamir Khan plays Mahavir Singh Phogat, a wrestler who trains his daughters Geeta (Fatima Sana Shaikh) and Babita (Sanya Malhotra) to become India’s top wrestlers. He is blind to his daughters’ potential, but once he sees what they are capable of, he leaves no stone unturned in training them. He pays no heed to the taunts of society, his wife’s questions about who will marry his daughters. Instead, he takes pride in how far they have come. Every daughter needs a father like him. 

2. Piku

Piku (Deepika Padukone) takes care of her old and eccentric father (Amitabh Bachchan) who does his best to irritate her and make everyone’s life hell with his habits. An unexpected road trip brings the duo closer, and it is clear that whatever happens, they always love each other and have each other’s back. It is a true testament to the father-daughter relationship and the unconditional love they share. 

3. Bareilly Ki Barfi

While the film’s story centers around Bitti (Kriti Sanon) and her quest to find an elusive author who wrote the story of her life, the relationship she has with her father is the one that stands out. Narottam Mishra (Pankaj Tripathi) is Bitti’s closest confidant, and instead of every small town father portrayed in Bollywood, he does not seek to control his daughter’s life; instead, he tries to give her as much freedom to live and dream as he can.

4. Thappad

While we applaud Amrita’s (Taapsee Pannu) fight against the patriarchy and the reclamation of her self-respect, her father’s (Kumud Mishra) performance stands out. He is the father we all aim to see, an unaware yet willing to learn feminist, who understand how both society and he failed the females in his life, yet he strives to learn and hopes to make the world a better place for them.  

5. Yaadein 

A father (Jackie Shroff) raises his three daughters after the death of his wife – he is more their friend than a father. He laughs with them, cries with them, and hopes to see them as happy as they were when their mother was alive. We especially loved Jackie’s performance as a doting father as opposed to the strict and unapproachable fathers of Bollywood. 

Father- Daughter Bond

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Which film did you enjoy?

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