5 Times Shahid Kapoor Proved His Versatility as an actor

The chocolate boy who melted our hearts, the one we didn’t even know was in Taal –  yes, we are talking about none other than Shahid Kapoor. From doing cutesy roles in films like Ishq Vishq and Vivah to doing hardcore roles in Haider, Shahid Kapoor has proved his own worth as an actor. On his birthday, we look at some of the best and original roles he has taken up over the years, which proves Shahid is not just a romantic hero. 

1. Haider

In this modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, we see Shahid as Haider Meer, a man slowly inching towards insanity as he attempts to gain revenge for his father’s death. Shahid Kapoor is brilliant in this Vishal Bhardwaj directional, where he brings Haider’s madness on screen and gives his all to a dark role that we cannot imagine anyone else pulling off. 

2.  Jab We Met

Shahid Kapoor’s Aditya is one of our all-time crushes, and who can blame us? A depressed young man who sacrifices his own love to untie two lovers, who dances in the rain and rejoices in his beloved’s voice, Aditya is the perfect man. Shahid Kapoor enacted Aditya’s behavior to a pro, from his soft-spoken character to the passionate lover.  We are all the more blessed for Aditya. 

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3. Udta Punjab

When we think of rockstars in Bollywood, only two come to mind – Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar and Shahid Kapoor in Udta Punjab. Playing a drug addict rock star, Shahid Kapoor has shown us how he channels his inner madness to bring every character to life, including the one who sings about drugs and urinates in front of the audience. Shahid Kapoor really did reach the height of versatility with this film. 

4. Padmaavat

Kapoor was back, this time playing a royal of all things! In Padmaavat, alongside Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, Shahid played the role of Maharawal Ratan Singh. Playing the role with the poise and quiet dignity of a king, Shahid lived the role and matched the ferocity of Ranveer Singh’s character. 

5. Kabir Singh

While the movie is highly misogynistic, we cannot help but praise Shahid’s dark characterization of the eponymous character. Playing a passionate lover turned alcoholic and heartbroken shell of a man, Shahid Kapoor’s character became really famous within his fan circle, and his intensity has impressed many.  

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