Valentine’s Week: 7 Ways Bollywood Gives Us Unrealistic Expectations Of Love

From the hero coming to save the heroine from her wedding mandap to just feeling your lover’s presence, Bollywood has long tried to establish what romance and love are supposed to be. Many 90s kids grew up on such unrealistic expectations of love and were sorely disappointed when random people on the street didn’t start synchronized dancing on the street when I felt romantic. Let’s take a look at some other ways Bollywood gave us unrealistic expectations of love.

1. Expectation: The hero of your dreams is picture perfect.

In Bollywood movies (and the South film industry too), the ultimate hero is the one who looks like he lives at the gym, can beat up 10 guys at once, and has the dancing ability of Prabhu Deva.

Reality: He’s probably a 9-5 office going, mild-mannered gentleman who still loves you the most even if he doesn’t dance like Prabhu Deva (I mean, few even can).

Bollywood Gives Us Unrealistic Expectations Of Love

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2. Expectation: The universe sends signals about ‘The One’.

In most movies, winds blow, people start dancing randomly, there is electricity when your eyes meet, and you hear either music or fireworks when you meet. 

Reality: No amount of explosions or music can make a guy/girl perfect for you, what makes your relationship perfect is the work and trust you put into your relationship.

Bollywood Gives Us Unrealistic Expectations Of Love

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3. Expectation: Every boy-girl best friend will eventually end up together.

You know each other’s quirks, but you didn’t know you loved each other till someone else entered the scene. Cue jealousy, fights and eventual reconciliation, after which you will live HEA.

Reality: Sometimes friends are just friends.

Love Triangle Bollywood Movie

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4. Expectation: If you are the sanskari, salwar-kameez wearing girl, the guy is yours.

This gets our goat, as many, many girls who were happy being tomboys were expected to change into “what guys want” a.k.a., filled with womanly charms and maybe even modest dresses to get boys to like them. 

Reality: People, never change who you are to fit someone else’s description of perfect. 

Bollywood Gives Us Unrealistic Expectations Of Love

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5. Expectation: Remove glasses, become hot.

From Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi to Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, the popular trope of giving girls a makeover by simply removing glasses is as absurd as they come. Also makeovers take tons of money and effort, it’s not something that happens overnight. 

Reality: How will we see without our glasses? 

Bollywood Gives Us Unrealistic Expectations Of Love

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6. Expectation: Following someone is romantic.

Thank god this doesn’t happen in many movies now, but in the 90s, following a girl, singing songs about her and telling her that she will be with him (as opposed to asking her like a normal person) was considered romantic. What’s worse is that the heroine also found this romantic. HOW???

Reality: IPC Section 294.

Bollywood Gives Us Unrealistic Expectations Of Love

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7. Expectation: If you’re meant to be, nothing will stop you.

Not your serious problems, not natural disasters, not any relationship quarrels, nothing stands in the way of true love. You will meet at the airport or the train station, and run towards each other in slo-mo while the onlookers clap. 

Reality: It takes a lot of time, work and trust to make a relationship work, and not some signs from destiny or some absurd stuff like that. 

Bollywood Gives Us Unrealistic Expectations Of Love

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