10 Things That We’ll Actually Miss About Life Under Lockdown

First off: I want to really, genuinely thank the doctors, medical healthcare professionals, municipal workers, scientists, daily wage workers, policewomen and men, and everybody else who has been working tirelessly for the last six months, ever since the pandemic hit. Their lives have been at risk every single day, and while we were stuck at home, binge-watching TV, they were out there working so that our lives can one day go back to normal.

Second: now that we’re slowly easing back into “normal life” (whatever that means, post-covid), there actually are a few things we’ll miss about life under lockdown. Such as:

Pheto-ing Dalgona Coffee

If you have an elder sister/brother, you know what it’s like to be forced to make dalgona coffee for them. And for those of us who don’t even have a hand-mixer, it is honestly quite torturous to stand for 20 minutes, mixing coffee powder into froth. Guess our hands won’t pain anymore?

Randomly waging Twitter Wars

The amount of hatred that’s been spreading all over social media the last few months has been MORTIFYING. People have been so bored without any soaps to watch, and are so sick of fighting with their families, that they turn to Twitter to make #hateonxyz hashtags and start full-on wars. Actually, come to think of it, I won’t miss this so much.

Bingeing Mahabharata on DD National

Admit it: you started watching Mahabharat on DD national as a joke, but actually grew to loving the show. We love Mahabharat here and we’re so glad that they brought it back to our lives during the lockdown. The drama, the dialogues, the fight scenes, the horrible, awful men and gods…the show really did have it all.

Not waxing, shaving, threading, tweezing

I kind of miss meeting my parlour wali aunty and listening to her sarcastic comments once every few weeks. It really kept my arrogance in check. If I ever thought I looked too pretty, she’d bring me right down to my aukaat. Oh well, guess it’s time to meet her again. I have to get rid of this overgrown hair at some point…

Memes on Modi’s extremely insightful speeches

Modi’s speeches during this pandemic’s lockdown has been more provided us with more meme content than even Kokilaben! Seriously though, it takes next-level detection to decode what he was trying to say in his speeches. From what I understand, stay home while the government arrests activists during the peak pandemic time. Right?

Wearing pyjamas all day

I have totally forgotten what jeans feel like. Or bras. It’s been amazing; for the last six months I’ve only work three pairs of pyjamas that rotate daily. Fuck fashion. Zoom meetings were all done with the video off. This is work from home, baby.

Having a legitimate reason to cancel plans with friends

All you assholes like me were on top of the world because, for the first time, it’s not your fault for ditching your friends. There is no reason deadlier, or more serious, than a global pandemic, rising threat levels, and social distancing! Hopefully once this ends, no one else will feel like going out again, ever.

Laughing at celebrities doing ghar ka kaam

It was all funny to watch celebs pick up jhadoos and VIM soap bars, until Mummy made us slog as well. At least we got some entertainment out of it. One thing I’ve learnt under lockdown: jhadoo does all the work, but poncha takes all the credit.

Slept all day and binge-watched TV all night

I bet you’ve watched every single webseries, independent film, multi-language movie, artsy show, masala movie on Netflix, Prime, Zee5, Hotstar, Airtel, Jio, whathaveyou. I bet you’ve lost track of time too, right? Slept at 5 am, woken up at 5 pm, confused about where the day has disappeared? Don’t worry. You’re not alone.

When every hour was happy hour


Since there was no concept of time in the last 6 months, there was no concept of a strict happy hour either! 5pm is 5 AM, 9 pm is 9 am, 12 pm might as well be 12 am. As it turns out, alcohol tastes the same at morning, evening and night.

All in all, we’re obviously thrilled that life is slowly going back to normal, with masks, sanitisers and social distancing, of course.

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