5 Baba Sehgal songs That Will CHANGE Your Life

Baba Sehgal came into our lives with his shining head and pun-tastic lyrics and never really left. His tunes can be danced to, laughed at, cried to and questioned, but they are lyrical masterpieces. He reinvents popular songs and sings about some real hard hitting issues, like loving yourself and eating bananas. Baba Seghal songs have a special place in all our hearts.

Here are 5 Baba Sehgal Songs that are guaranteed to change your life:


Dil Ko Na Peeto > Despacito. Baba Seghal hits the emotional spot with this song. It is literally an open invitation for all the single people out there to date Baba Sehgal. It is just such a PURE song. He wears his heart on his sleeve, and we are loving it.


Aloo Ka Paratha is what North Indian dreams are made of. The song breaks down the nutrition and importance of Aloo Parathas. More striking than Baba Sehgal’s style, are the songs visual effects. The random cloud backgrounds, random foreigners, random dancing women… it’s all so random! So random, that is it amazing.

3. NAMASTE – CoronaVirus sey bachney ka Indian Tareeka ft. Baba Sehgal

After hearing this we all had one question-Why hasn’t WHO endorsed this song?! NAMASTE – CoronaVirus sey bachney ka Indian Tareeka is brilliant! It’s teaches us the do’s and don’t of Covid-19 in an interesting, fun and easy to remember way! It highlights the concepts of social distancing, mask wearing and being healthy in a very entertaining way!

2. Kela Khao – cover of Bella Ciao ( a complete Covid19 protection song)

Another Covid-19 song, Kela Khao is educative, entertaining and so very catchy. The puniness in this song is off the charts and we LOVE it. And the best part is, Baba Sehgal is just riding an exercise bike throughout the song. In this way, Kela Khao motivates us to well, not only eat bananas but also workout. It kills 2 birds with one stone! Also, Bella Ciao who?

1. Sarita, cover of SEÑORITA by Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes

Whatever said about this song will never do it justice. Sarita tells the tale of an innocent lady who was not immune to Baba’s charms. The special point of this song isn’t the lyrics, it’s the fact that there are THREE baba’s in the video at ONCE. Sarita is by far his best song, lyrically, musically and lyrically.

Baba Sehgal is an icon. You may not like his music, but you cannot dislike his positivity. He is SO POSITIVE! He’s always smiling, always laughing and always making our day, and that is why we love him. Baba Seghal is the perfect solution to solve your mid-week blues!

Which is your favourite Baba Sehgal song? Let us know! 

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