5 Times Ranveer Singh’s Quirky Fits Made Way For Some Hilarious Memes.

There are different styles and fashion statements that celebrities create, but the one that Ranveer Singh has needs to be labeled in a different category altogether. Every time he makes a public appearance, his style statement makes the maximum headlines! He is rightly called the KING OF QUIRK. He always manages to grab eyeballs with his outlandish hairstyles and quirky costumes. Ranveer is in fact every meme maker’s favorite. They never go out of content because of our quirk king Ranveer Singh. 

So, here are times when Ranveer Singh’s quirky fits made way for some hilarious memes. Trust me you need this mid-week motivation!

1. Double Pony – Say WHAT?

At the star-studded launch of RC 15, Ranveer decided to turn the limelight on him with his new hairstyle! He was seen donning a double ponytail. I mean how can he look so good in very damn style!

2. Jack Sparrow + Jesus?

This is the crossover we didn’t know we needed.

3. Rajpal Yadav Vibes!

This one’s cute though!

4. Protection First

Unapologetic. And that’s how it should always be!

5. Harpic X Ranveer Collab

He himself shared this one. How cool is he!

Well, we can go on and on when it comes to Ranveer Singh’s outfit memes! Do let us know which one is your favorite through our social media handles!

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