7 Reactions to PM Modi Ji’s Speech you HAVE to see

Last night, PM Modi addressed the nation at 8pm. We expected the announcement of Lockdown 4.0, some sort of progress report or even another task of unity. However, all we got was some extremely tough Hindi words, endless pauses, a number we still can’t comprehend and tips on being self dependent (we kind of knew that, but ok).

His speech may have been a let down, but the memes that followed were not. Here are 7 of the funniest reactions to PM Modi’s Speech-

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The one that said what everyone was thinking

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kya bol gaye!?

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this ‘sarvashreshth’ ‘vichitra’ meme

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the perfect metaphor

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struggling actor vicky malhotra had some thoughts

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Vicky reacts to Modiji’s speech #lockdown

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a perfect meme with the perfect gujrati touch

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a great, nostalgic analogy

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an accurate summary of his thought process

While Modi Ji means well, he clearly struggles to get his point across. We find ourselves both fearing and anxiously awaiting for his next speech. To conclude, here is one last one liner to crack you up

“His speech was the perfect example of a call that could have been a text”

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