7 Real Reasons Why We LOVE Hating and Bullying Rhea Chakraborty

Ever since Sushant Singh Rajput’s tragic death, all our eyes have been on his girlfriend, Rhea Chakraborty. Along with our eyes, our knives, guns and hatred are also being pointed at her. The courts are yet to make a judgement, yet we have made one already, or rather multiple ones: Rhea Chakraborty is Guilty, Rhea Chakraborty runs a Drug Cartel, Rhea Chakrobarty is a Murderer and so on and so forth.

We believe by hating on her and abusing her, we are doing justice to SSR. But that isn’t the real reason why we love burning her at the stake.

Here are the 7 Real Reasons Why We Love to Hate Rhea Chakraborty:

1. The Media celebrates and empowers our hate

Most of the media channels are demanding that their audiences speak up for SSR and fight for his justice. And the only way they want you to do this, is not by looking at the facts, but by blaming one person, Rhea Chakraborty. By telling their audiences to use creative hashtags that demean her, by insulting her entire family and by violating her mental health, the news celebrates our hatred and tells us that we are right in doing so.

rhea chakraborty

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2. It’s easy

Hating on Rhea Chakraborty has become easy. All we have to do is like one hateful tweet, use one rude hashtag, type an abusive word, mass forward fake news and watch the news. It’s so easy, we don’t bother seeing the damage it does or even ask why we’re doing it. As a nation who lives on jugaad, hating Rhea Chakraborty has become our new obsession.

3. It makes us feel powerful and accepted

Who doesn’t like it when their tweets get thousands of likes? Who doesn’t like seeing their hashtagged post on news channels? And who doesn’t like it when lakhs support their views? Hating on Rhea Chakraborty has become so popular that we end up doing it just to feel like we belong and to feel powerful.

4. It is all the media feeds us

Left right and centre, we are being bombarded with Rhea Chakraborty updates. Every channel is only talking about her involvement in SSR’s death and every journalist is finding newer ways to link her to SSR’s case. If, as an audience, all we see, hear and are exposed to is Rhea Chakraborty’s gold-digging and murderous style, we are bound to hate her without even realising it. Freedom of Press? More like Freedom of Excess.

Rhea Chakraborty attacked by Indian Media

5. It forces us to ignore actual serious news

The nation wants to know what Rhea Chakraborty ate for dinner, not why India’s GDP is at an all time low and why India’s Covid cases are at an all time high. All news channels are focused on Rhea Chakraborty and when they have nothing new to report (which is most of the time), they repeat the same information using different styles and dramatic effects. Real world issues like our cripping economy, farmer suicides, Indo-China tension are irrelevant when it comes to what Rhea Chakraborty ate for dinner.

6. Rhea Chakraborty is a woman

Thanks to our nation’s age old patriarchy, we are told to believe that all women are gold-diggers or whor*s or manipulative bitc*es. And in Rhea Chakraborty’s case, she is all of the above. Even if there are speculations about her involvement in any crimes, they have not been confirmed, but then again, who doesn’t love spreading fake news and slander?

rhea chakraborty

7. We just don’t want to believe that Rhea Chaktraborty could be innocent

In India, all citizens are “Innocent Until Proven Guilty”… except Rhea Chakraborty. We’ve decided she’s guilty of murder, drugs, extortion, money laundering and all crimes we can think of. We don’t want to believe she is innocent because that will force us to consider the possibility that degrading mental health could be the culprit and we all know that is bogus because mental illnesses simply don’t exist.

rhea chakraborty

We, just like the authorities, are not sure of Rhea Chakraborty’s guilt or innocence. But shouldn’t we reserve our judgement till we are? Should we not respect her physical and mental health? Should we not take into consideration that she is a woman who overnight became India’s Most Hated person purely based on speculation?

By hating Rhea Chakraborty we are not going to bring justice to Sushant Singh Rajput, and it is high time we realise that.

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