8 Things We Have All Said Without Thinking and For No Reason At All!

With great power comes great responsibility, and with great freedom of speech comes great accountability. We often take our freedom of speech for granted and say whatever comes to mind. Our photographs have 999 filters, but our thoughts have none, and often that can be problematic. 

Mirchi Scribbled’s ‘Soch Samajkar Bole’ campaign highlights this very topic. Rasika Dugal, Vinay Pathak and Swwapnil Joshi come together to tell us how it is extremely important to think before you speak, a lesson we were all taught as kids, but have forgotten as adults. This star-led campaign advocates for speaking freely but also consciously. ‘Soch Samajkar Bole’ will connect with you on multiple levels and is a must watch especially in today’s sensitive and overly charged atmosphere.

‘Soch Samajkar Bole’ is all about speaking freely, but responsibly, something we almost never do. Here are 5 Things We have all said without thinking at all.

1. “All (insert community name) are like this”

“All XYZ’s are like this” OR “This is such an XYZ thing to do”  is something we have all said at one point. We love generalising an entire community with one sentence. Coming from a “land of snakecharmers”, this is far from charming. By making such blanket statements, we strengthen stereotypes instead of breaking them… and this needs to stop.

2. An Abusive word in front of our parents

This one hits close to home. We have all had a slip and said that one word that should never, NEVER be said in front of our parents. That one word has led to some whacks, some slaps, a lot of lectures and infinite disappointment. It’s almost like a rite of passage to adulthood, real adulthood. 

3. “Binod”

4. #(Insert celebrity name)IsOverParty

Aah good old cancel culture! We love blindly cancelling people without knowing what they did, when they did it or if they even did it. Cancel Culture very often leads to online bullying and harassment which is NOT okay. Next time, cancel someone who has genuinely done something wrong instead of someone who made a random ignorant joke many years ago.

5.  Called our teacher “Mom”

The most AWKWARD thing to ever happen to anyone is calling your teacher, “Mom”. That one moment changed the way your teacher looked at you, your classmates looked at you and even how you looked at yourself. 

6. Made fun of someone because they weren’t like you

It’s like we are all wired to be mean to those who don’t look like us, speak like us, live like us or even think like us. We’ve all made fun of that one friend who doesn’t eat potatoes, onions, meat and a million other things, but never once do we allow them to explain themselves or even try to understand their predicament! This is wrong!

7. Made a Racist/Sexist Joke

There is no denying this. Our nation is so obsessed with Racist jokes, we even made a cosmetic line out of it. And as for sexism, the jokes never end. (Seriously, all women are NOT bad drivers!). Because these are so ingrained in our minds, we often don’t realize just how wrong our words can be.

8. “That’s so Gay”

Does anyone make fun of something by saying “That’s so straight”? No. Then why does the word “Gay” have to bare the brunt? It is only recently that people are coming to terms to with the LGBTQ community and realising that the word “Gay” is not an insult. Yet, we still know people who use it as one. This needs to STOP.

We have the freedom to speak our minds, but misusing that freedom is problematic. Mirchi Scribbled’s ‘Soch Samajkar Bole’ is needed to make us realise how we need to think before we speak. Watch the Rasika Dugal, Vinay Pathak and Swwapnil Joshi led campaign NOW!

What have you said without thinking? Let us know!

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