Happy Birthday To the Hilarious Anushka Sharma

It’s Anushka Sharma’s birthday, and while we love her for her sexy dance moves and brilliant acting chops, we must acknowledge just how funny she is. Here are some of the best moments that capture her slapstick, dry, sarcastic, sardonic sense of humour, both on screen and off:

When she cheered on her husband, and he was not having it

She’s direct and sarcastic AF, as we saw on this amazing KWK episode

Her fierce characters came from a really funny place, too

” I thought the memes were hilarious.” – Anushka to Cosmo. She can laugh at herself!

Even though she was on Kapil’s show, the true comedian was Anushka Sharma.

This Rapid Fire just shows her Rapid Wit

I thought I was done with just one comedian post, but Anushka Sharma should seriously think about doing stand up

We love you, Anushka! Thanks for all the laughs over the years!

Happy birthday to the gorgeous, extremely talented, fucking HILARIOUS Anushka Sharma. Thank you for making us smile with you.

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