Josè Covaco and Arnab Goswami: An Affair To Remember… forever.

Josè Covaco, popularly known as “hoezaay” on Instagram, like most of us is a member of the Arnab Goswami fan club. But unlike most of us, he makes his affection for Arnab Goswami known. His hilarious videos on Arnab are witty, skilled and will have you in splits. They have a weird mix of maturity and innocence, which make them all the more brilliant.

Here are Josè Covaco’s masterpieces that the nation NEEDS to see-

1 / 7

We’ve all been struck hard

2 / 7

This is too relatable for comfort

3 / 7

A national Kamrade

4 / 7

if this was an app, it would be called printerest

5 / 7

this is not a waste of one minute of your time

6 / 7

the movie gravity has nothing on this

7 / 7

we didn’t know we needed this

We may find Arnab Goswami annoying, we may find Arnab Goswami amazing, but we all find him highly entertaining. Hence, Hoezaay’s obsession with Arnab Goswami is understandable and extremely relatable.

We can’t wait for him to churn out more ArGo content!

Which one was your favourite? Let us know-

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