5 Ways Majnu Bhai Understood Mental Health Better Than Us

Majnu Bhai might be the bane of Dr. Ghungroo’s existence, but he is not without his merits. He is an excellent friend, a romantic at heart, and is generally up for a good time. But you know what he is the best at? Understanding mental health. Yep, Majnu Bhai, the mobster with wacky sunglasses and an armada worth of guns at his disposal, is a true advocate of mental health. Here’s how. 

1. He uses art to express.

Majnu Bhai understands that art can be therapeutic. He often paints leisurely and believes in his own art. He understands that imposter syndrome is a thing, but does not let himself deter it from painting, and is getting so confident in his skill that he even holds auctions for his art. 

majnu bhai mental health

Image via: Pinterest

2.  Recognizes that mistakes are a part of life.

His ego is not too inflated to admit when he makes a mistake. He knows that sometimes he bites off more than he can chew, and sometimes lets his anger get the best of him, but always admits his mistakes to Udya Bhai, who forgives him. 

majnu bhai mental health

Image via: Republic World

3.  Does not shy away from asking for support.

Majnu Bhai understands the importance of a support system. While he is lacking in friends because of an unconventional career, he does have his lackeys who are always there for him. Majnu Bhai never shies away from asking for their help, even asking them to come along with him.  

majnu bhai mental health

Image via: ScrollDroll

4. Understands the importance of expressing emotions.

Majnu Bhai knows that sometimes the best way to be in a good headspace is to just rant out what we are feeling. He is very supportive of this method and often understands that people just need to express themselves any way they want to, lest they harm themselves.

majnu bhai mental health

Image via: Twitter

5. Admits the importance of food during tough times.

Food is everything. Food is the difference between being cranky all day to feeling satisfied with a belly full. Sometimes you aren’t angry, you’re just hungry. Majnu Bhai understands this, which is why even though life and death situations occur in his life daily, he eats first. 

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