14 Twitter Reactions to Coronil, Patanjali’s Covid-19 CURE You Must See NOW!

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In case you missed it, Baba Ramdev’s infamous Ayurvedic company, Patanjali just dropped a major bomb on us. Patanjali just launched, Coronil, an Ayurvedic concoction that is a CURE for Covid-19. Yes, a CURE. Not an immunity booster, not a Vitamin C supplement, but a CURE.

Patanjali claims that their Covid-19 CURE (still can’t get over it) does its magic in 3-7 days and has been tested on nearly 300 Covid-19 patients. While many hail it as a miraculous breakthrough, many are highly skeptical of it. The launch of Coronil has shaken Twitter and evoked some unique, yet amazing reactions.

Here are 14 hilarious reactions to Patanjali’s Cornonil, a Covid-19 Cure:

1. Of course there is a Hera Pheri meme for this

2. Pehelwan-jali

3. Waiting for their stocks to plummet now

4. Won’t be surprised if Baba Ramdev overtakes Mukesh Bhai

5. New Cure, who dis?

6. A wholesome meme for a wholesome feeling

7. THUG-aasan

8. He has a point tbh…

9. I guess they can give their degrees to the Raddiwala now

10. Patanjali is the Virat Kohli of Science

11. We like this long term approach

12. tbh, Ramdev baba would slay in the marvel universe

13. again, we’re genuinely concerned about their stocks…

14. this.

Whether or not this brand new Coronil by Patanjali is effective or not, it is sending out shockwaves to all major pharmaceutical companies who have spent months and millions to work towards a vaccine and/or cure. If Coronil works, it will truly be a miracle and may help significantly flatten our curve.

What do you think about Patanjali’s Covid-19 cure Coronil? Let us know!

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