Check out these 10 funny Twitter reactions to PM Modiji’s speech today

At 6 pm today, the Prime Minister addressed the nation and spoke about how although lockdown may have eased, the virus is just getting stronger. He very rightly warned us against complacency and insisted that we take utmost precaution against the deadly virus.

And then…it was over.

Netizens had a lot to say about this. Some in more creative ways than others, by making memes and such. Like these hilarious ones:

This user, along with the rest of us, never thought the speech would end so soon

He did manage to prove his secularism and wish every community

Also, it’s important to note the PM’s sartorial developments

Though it would have been nice to listen to some more insights…

The speech also demonstrated the act of relationships between two people, as one user hilariously pointed out

If you blinked, you missed the speech

Anybody else notice the dislike button?

“Yeh bilkul bhi theek nahi hai” works in every situation ever

However, the Prime Minister did make a very important point, which is that we must avoid complacency. The virus is still very much out there, taking lives everyday.

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