Things Everyone Lies About On Their Resume

Lying on your resume is something most of us do without even realising it. It’s harmless and boosts our image in front of the employer. As we all shamelessly do it because we know that NO one is bored enough to actually fact check our college grades and whether or not we know French.

Here are 5 things that everyone lies about on their resume:

1. a foreign language

Knowing how to say “je m’appelle” (my name is) in French does NOT make you ‘competent in conversational French’, nor does it mean you know French! We all lie about some language or the other because we know that no body is actually going to ask us to speak fluent Swedish in the middle of our workday.

2. the ‘skills’

Aah, the infamous ‘my skills’ section on our resume is notorious for being full of mirch masala. Everyone lies about it on their resume. For instance,
Result Oriented- Will make Maggi, even if it is at 3 am on a Tuesday
Problem Solving- Stove not working? Will make Maggi in a hot water kettle
Interpersonal Skills- Will call 3-4 friends for tips on how to make hostel wali Maggi and perfect it.

3. MS office

Name one person who has not lied about being ‘advanced’ or an ‘expert’ at MS Office. Just name one, we dare you.

4. past job titles

Ever wondered how ‘General Manager’ becomes ‘Executive Department President’ or how knowing social media logins becomes ‘Custodian of Database’? This is something that everyone lies about on their resume. We change our boring job titles to novel ones for one thing and one thing only- to seem cool.

5. age

If you’ve seen Younger on Disney+Hotstar, this is no surprise to you. Lying about your age is more common than one can imagine. Some people want to seem young because it makes them feel more wanted. But age is just a number! And lying about it on a resume will just make it more embarrassing when the truth eventually comes out.

Lying about things on your resume will just make things worse for you in the future. Don’t do it. Save your dignity and also save yourself from a LOT of judgement.

What do you think people lie about on their resume? Let us know!

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