Virat Kohli Is The Most Memeable Cricketer There Is, These Tweets Are Proof!

India’s hottest cricketer Virat Kohli completed 13 years on Wednesday in International cricket. This man has given us a lot to be proud of. Though he didn’t have a flying start to his career, he soon became the most desirable man on the Indian cricket team. He is not just a good sportsperson, but also a great husband and a loving father. Many people look up to him for inspiration. 

Speaking of the angry young man Virat Kohli, there is something else that he has achieved over the years other than just trophies and centuries for India. Viral Memes.  Yes! He is always at his candid best. And we must say, the photographers have a knack to capture Kohli at the right time. These then turn into memes that we never even thought of. We must appreciate the talent and creativity behind these memes. 

So, today as the cricketer completes 13 years, let us show you some of the best-handpicked memes that went viral. 

1. The Expression King! 

Find us someone who can make faces like these. Virat is definitely a star on the internet. His hilarious expression that switched between rejoicing and disgusted won the internet. 

2. Aaah! Creativity!

BCCI had shared a picture of Virat Kohli inspecting the pitch at the cricket stadium. Guess what, minutes later, the internet was flooded with memes. Salute to creativity. 

3. A Dinosaur On The Loose 

Anushka Sharma had posted a video of Virat Kohli enacting a dinosaur. Well, do we actually need to say what happened next?

4. Who’s The Better Naagin Dancer?

Virat Kohli oozes energy and enthusiasm whether he’s on or off the field. He was seen doing the famous Naagin dance at the Lord’s balcony and it went viral instantly.

5. The Goofy Gang!

We all get goofy around our friends, right? That’s exactly what Virat did. The only difference is that his goofy picture with his teammates turned out into a meme fest.

6. Two Is Better Than One Right?

This time Virat Kohli has a company – Rohit Sharma. Yes! A picture of the duo went viral and the meme addicts didn’t take a moment to create the best memes out of these pics. 

7. One With Wifey

This one is really cute as it relates to us in so many ways. Virat and Anushka were seen shopping when they were clicked. Some found the content in these pictures too and it went viral in seconds. 

8. Dancing Kohli 

Virat Kohli’s dance moves definitely impressed the Twitterati. 

9. When Kohli Met The Queen

Well, Kohinoor and Lagaan jokes had to find a way back to the internet right? So, here it is! 

10.  Winner Of Goofiness Award

We bet you won’t find anyone better than him in terms of goofiness! 

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