5 best moments from Kareena Kapoor Khan’s What Women Want with Kiara Advani

Kareena Kapoor Khan is back with season 3 of Dabur Amla Aloe Vera’s What Women Want, and kicked the season off with Kiara Advani. In a quippy, fun episode of just 12 minutes, there are many highlights that cracked us up. Like these moments:

1. “No Kiara, you can’t send me food because you don’t eat”

Kiara tells Kareena that since she can’t meet her in person and congratulate her, she is going to send her a basket of yummy food, since Khan is allowed to eat anything she wants in her pregnancy. To which, the always sharp Kareena replies saying that Kiara cannot send her food because she herself eats only salmon and veggies. Thanks, but no thanks.

2. “you have a flat tummy, it’s fine”

Kareena asks Kiara if she’s particular about camera angles etc while shooting, if she has a particular side, to which Kiara said she’s not super specific about these things. And then Kareena pretty much said what we’re all thinking: “you have a flat tummy, it’s fine.” Which is true. Kiara can be doing a shot while hanging upside down from the ceiling and she’d still look fab.

3. Interestingly, Kiara doesn’t always want to play the girl next door

“I’d love to do an action film where I’d have to get those abs” said Kiara, and that it’d be great to look super fit and sexy. You and me both, sister.

4. Turns out, celebrities hate burpees too

When Kareena asked Kiara which workout she hates, I swear, in my mind, I was thinking burpees. So when Kiara said she hates burpees, I was like damn Kiara, you and I are basically the same. Maybe not the same, but it is nice to know that celebrities, just like us mortals, are also averse to the horror that is the burpee.

5. “Saif’s actually reserved in female company. At least that’s what he projects.”

It’s Kiara’s turn to ask Bebo a question, so she asks her who broke the ice first between Kareena and Saif. To which Kareena, always witty and funny, said that she’s known to be a chatterbox for a reason. She was the one who began talking because “Saif’s actually reserved in female company. At least that’s what he projects!” We love their jodi and aren’t surprised that Kareena is the fun one who keeps the energy up.

Watch the full episode here:

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