10 Songs GUARANTEED to Get Your Lazy Bum off the Bed

Being quarantined isn’t just hard on your mind, it’s also hard on your body. Most of us find it hard to physically keep moving and it all begins with getting out of bed. Leaving that pillow fort you so painstakingly covered with a blanket is tough and staying in it results in hours of laziness and sloth. This immobility will take over your life, especially with the extended lock down, so we’ve found a few songs to get you energized and help you jump out of bed.

your english breakfast

5 English songs that are guaranteed to help you get up and moving

1.  Waiting All Night- Rudimental ft. Ella Eyre

This fast paced number has 174 beats per minute and may just be the catchiest song ever. It is in practically every workout playlist ever made. Plus for everyone in a relationship, the lyrics are super relatable. 

2. You Make Me Feel- Cobra starship ft. Sabi

Almost a decade old, You Make Me Feel is still one of the most energetic songs to exist. It is an iconic party number that will make you jump out of bed and make you feel like la la la la la

3. Can’t stop the feeling- justin timberlake

If there is any song that can make you spring out of bed and convert you into a ball of energy, it is this one. One can always count on Justin Timberlake to come to the rescue. The ‘Trolls’ smash hit song will get your blood flowing in no time. 

4. Blame- calvin harris ft. John Newman

Another Oldie but Goldie, Blame is a classic throwback EDM song. Whenever I hear this song, I immediately get transported to a pool party in Goa with loads of disco lights and a Kingfisher Light. 

5. Bad guy- billie eilish

Bad Guy is legendary in so many ways. It makes you feel like you’re the Godfather, ruthless, fearless and notorious. There is no way you can hear this song and not want to get up and take the day by its neck. Will this song help you leave your bed? Duh.

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5 Bharatiya Bangers to kick start your day

1. bhaag milkha bhaag- siddharth mahadevan

I don’t think anyone can hear this song and not feel motivated. It’s physically impossible continue in your vegetative state after hearing this.

2. koi kahe kehta rahe- shankar ehsaan loy

This song stands for precisely 2 things- the iconic jumping dance and PVC pants (how did they manage to even move in those?). The disco nuanced, upbeat song will have you thrusting your pelvis from your bed to wherever you aim to go. It is sure to help you dance off all the laziness your body holds.

3. Udd gaye- ritviz

Every Indian college student has shamelessly danced to this song at a festival and felt a new kind of liberation after. This electronic, techno number with that ever so charming “Hum toh udd gaye” lyric will rouse you straight out of your blankets.

4. subah hone na de- pritam, mika and shefali

Desi Boyz served us both eye and ear candy. Subah Hone Na De became a party starter back in the day, and continues to be so. It is accelerated and upbeat enough to make you super productive.

5. Sunny Sunny Yaariyan- Yo yo honey singh

Yaariyan was a questionable movie, but this song was a sure shot hit. This flamboyant number will make you seize the day and get you in the groove to move..out of your bed that is. 

While we know that it is physically challenging to be active in such stressful times, it is something we must do. Being lazy and immovable is the worst thing we can put our body through. We hope these songs work and get you off your bed.

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