10 Tweets That Sum Up Our Reactions to 10 Years of One Direction!

July 23rd marked One Directions 10 year anniversary. The group that single single-handedly revolutionized boy-bands, broke a million hearts worldwide, fixed a million more, gave us some of the finest musicians and united us all, celebrated 10 years yesterday.

To mark this, they curated a special website and shared a schedule of the revamped music videos they were going to release.

For One Directioners, their 10 year anniversary brought back nostalgia, pure joy, some pain (why aren’t they together!) and some beautiful memories.

Here are 10 Tweets that perfectly sum up 10 Years of One Direction:

1. Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson posted these and broke both Twitter and us

2. Will he? Will he not? He did not… (yet)

3. cannot deny this

4. cannot deny this either

5. watermelon sugar BYE

6. seriously though, they need to stop with the easter eggs

7. it’s like looking into a crystal ball

8. a sad truth

9. this is too extreme… or is it?

10. a harrowing question we are all asking

We want One Direction back. We want them to unite and make beautiful music together. And we hope it happens soon.

Which is your favourite One Direction song? Let us know!

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