13 Throwback A.R. Rahman Songs From Your Childhood

Believe it or not but there was a time when Bollywood films had original songs, no Techno dance numbers and no rap. The songs were soulful and every note was beautifully crafted. The King of these was A.R. Rahman. Us millenials have grown up jamming to them, dancing to them and crying to them.

Here are 13 A.R Rahman songs that will take you back to straight back to your childhood:

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choti si aasha- roja

Our moms have sung this at least once to us. Either to show us affection, put us to sleep or merely because they were in the mood to. Irrespective, it’s a beautiful song and it will make you feel warm and happy.

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Masti Ki Paathshala- Rang De Basanti

The ULTIMATE cool kid song was Masti Ki Paathshala. While Rang De Basanti was 50 shades of dark, this song was 50 shades of swag. Doing the hand-hip step and singing the slick lyrics made us the stars of our teenage parties.

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Dil se re- dil se

We have all fantasized about being opposite Shah Rukh Khan or Manisha Koirala in Dil Se Re. There is not one thing wrong with this song. It perfectly encapsulated the forbidden love, the urgency, the tension and the sheer romance SRK and Manisha Koirala. PS- It was Shah Rukh at his ULTIMATE charming and arm spreading self.

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tere bina- guru

Tere Bina was the star of practically every Sangeet in the late 2000’s. When it played, you just knew a great performance was coming. Tere Bina is the perfect example of A. R Rahman’s mastery. His soulful voice, the classical lines, gentle beats and the magical feel of it make it out-wordly.

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jashne bahara- jodha akbar

Jashne Bahara made couples fall deeper in love and singletons deeper in depression. It is a beautiful song made even more beautiful with Hrithik and Aishwarya (how are they so perfect?!). Jashne Bahara is a timeless song by A.R Rahman.

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Nazrein Milaana Nazrein Churaana- Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

While Dil Chahata Hai immortalised open-top road trips, this song romanticised bel-gaadis, trucks and camping. We all wanted to go backpacking and hitch a ride on a bullock cart after hearing this song, but our parents never let us(… because they had brains).

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Guzarish- Ghajini

Guzarish was the biggest thirst trap of the latest 2000’s (quite literally). A.R Rahman proved his versatility with this number. It was more fresh and experimental, and we loved it.

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rangeela re- rangeela

Rangeela Re was iconic and empowering. Women all over wanted to be like Urmila Matondkar, with the colourful outfits, hats, bad-ass dance moves and her bold confidence. Rangeela Re was a feminist powermove. As one of A.R Rahman’s earliest hits, this song definitely paved his way into the industry and was the stepping stone for his fame.

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mitwa- lagaan

Mitwa was a school play classic. Every Indian school put up a play on independence which included their own version of Mitwa. Who can blame them, its such a playful (pun intended) song!

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taal se taal- taal

Another smashing hit at Sangeets, Taal se Taal was only performed by those family members who were most graceful. Also, this song made every one of us imagine ourselves as delicate classical dancers.

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o humdum suniyo re- saathiya

There is not one thing wrong about this song. The composition, the lyrics, the vocals, and vivek oberoi on a scooter in the ocean, everything was perfect. O Humdum Suniyo Re had a Hip-Hop vibe to it as well, once again proving A.R Rahman’s skills.

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masakali- delhi 6

Reading the name itself makes me do the Sonam Kapoor’s bird step. This playful, happy-go-lucky, and somewhat comical song is a classic. We’ve all spent days hearing it on loop as kids. PS- NEVER hear the remix. Ever.

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yun hi chala chal- swades

Yet another road trip song by A. R Rahman, Yun Hi Chala Chal made us feel connected to our rural roots. The song is earthy and soulful. Our trips to Manali, Lonavala, Ooty and many more were incomplete without blasting this song in the car.

A.R Rahman revolutionised the Music Industry, and for that we are eternally grateful. He’s made us laugh, cry, weep and feel hopeful, and for that, we cannot thank him enough.

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