20 Years of Josh: Revisiting the Songs From the Movie

It’s been 20 years of Josh. Can you believe it?! 20 whole years! Written and directed by Mansoor Khan, starring Aishwarya Rai, Shah Rukh Khan and Chandrachur Singh, Josh released on 9 June 2000. Mirchi 90s has released some fun facts about the movie, about how SRK himself sung Apun Bola, Salman Khan was offered the lead but refused to play Aishwarya Rai’s brother, and SRK wore blue contacts throughout the film–to match his ‘sister,’ Aishwarya’s eyes!

But what really makes us feel conflicted is the movie’s soundtrack. Really, Josh isn’t just a fab movie that highlighted trending fashion styles back in 2000, it’s also a film with great music. The songs felt young, fresh, easy to dance to and to fall in love with. They also became the background score to every Goa kid in the start of the 21st century, and made Goa out to be this really chill, really beautiful place.

However, listening to these songs 20 years later, we realise how problematic some of its lyrics are, and how creepy the male leads were. So, we decided to break down all the songs from Josh, and really explore why they do or do not work. Another fun fact: AR Rahman was to originally compose the music, but after he opted out due to scheduling conflicts, Anu Malik was given the task.

Here are all the songs from Josh, broken down:

Sailaru Sailare

Sailaru Sailare was sung by Suresh Peter and Mano, and was the raddest, sickest song of the year. Played at the moment when SRK’s Max Dias was going to battle against Prakash Sharma–when the local Christian Eagles were going to battle the Hindu migrant Bicchhoos. It’s the perfect Bollywood gang song; not too badass, and with perfect beats for our rival gang rival leaders to dance to. Ah, Bollywood. Even a gang battle ends up being a dance-off.

Haare Haare

Sad Aishwarya, sad Chandrachur, and some great guitar strumming. That pretty much captures the entire song. No, for real, I’m not really a fan of Haare Haare, and the rain-crying is a little overdone, no, Bollywood? Yet, Ash is stylish as ever and beautiful in this song, and Shirley and Rahul sure had chemistry. All in all, this song is a ‘meh’ one from me.

Zinda Hai Hum Toh

Zinda Hai Hum Toh is the most celebratory song I’ve ever seen. Full of pomp, colour and life, this song is just gorgeous to watch. It invokes a carnivalesque circus, and is the perfect triumphant number. I think it’s pretty cool, and works well for the movie. I like.

Hai Mera Dil

Really, Hai Mera Dil is the sweetest duet ever. It plays at the moment when Shirley and Rahul are just falling in love, and they’re both so young and beautiful that even your cynical soul will believe in love. Trust Alka Yagnik and Udit Narayan to sing an immortal song.

Mere Khayalon Ki Malika

If you watch this video now, you’ll realise how Rahul is an A-grade stalker. He literally follows Shirley and her girlfriends around Goa, because he fell in ‘love at first sight’. But I must remember that these were the times, and Bollywood often mistook creepiness for love. Of course. I guess the only thing to do is just listen to the song (which is pretty good), and avoid the video. Like most of the movies from the 90s :).

Apun Bola

“Apun bola, tu meri laila, woh boli fekta hai saala. Yeh uska style hoinga, hoton pe na dil pe haan hoinga.” I mean, wow. The songs literally is the paragon of how consent isn’t understood at all, or even taken seriously, in India. For real. It’s just her style man! She says no, but in her heart of hearts, she means yes! Why does Bollywood have such fun songs with such problematic lyrics? Sigh.

Josh is a fab movie with some problematic songs. But it is a milestone in Bollywood, marking the beginning of 2000s fashion, youngsters being independent, and some pretty chill songs, all in all.

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