5 New Punjabi Songs To Vibe (In Quarantine) To

Thank God for Punjabi music. This weekend, a few new hit numbers were dropped on the internet, by some of the biggest Punjabi singers, and we made a list of what you should listen to. It’s so refreshing–not like basic Bollywood, or boring Pop. It’s got the flavour of Punjab, and makes you vibe to it without fail! If you listen to these songs, this quarantine lockdown will get over before you know it B-)

1 / 5

Sheikh – Karan Aujla

Karan Aujla is both a Punjabi farmer working in the khet, and a super rich Sheikh in (Dubai?) gold chains and flashy cars. Dolphins are floating in the air and there are tigers everywhere…It’s confusing, but cool I guess? Check it out yourself.

2 / 5

Fauji Jeep – Bagga Sidhu & Gurlej Akhtar

A chill duet between Bagga Sidhu and Gurlej Akhtar, Fauji Jeep goes through an entire love story between a couple. It has strong voices, a dramatic story, and typical Punjabi pop-synth beats. Have a listen.

3 / 5

Mucche Te Dushman – Dilpreet Dhillon ft Gurlej Akhtar

At first, this song might seem like just another teenage, college love song, but it’s got one thing that other songs don’t have: style. Adaa. And my God, the drama. Dilpreet is this stud who rides a horse to college (yes) and has a killer mucche, as the song title suggests. His girlfriend and him are in love when a group of gundas kidnap her (ugh, obviously), and Dilpreet gets out his guns, his dolay-sholays, defeats them, and rides off (in his car this time) with his GF. I wish I didn’t watch the video, because the song is great without it.

4 / 5

Handle – Veda Toor

Full of summer and bright colours, Handle is totally pop, but backed by authentic Punjabi bhangra-type beats. She’s fun and the song is fun, arriving with positivity during this difficult time.

5 / 5

Ehna Chauni Aa – Jassie Gill

For all you lonely hearts like us, just send Ehna Chauni Aa to your crush, and you’ll thank us later. If it doesn’t work, then your crush is not worth it. Jassie Gill’s voice is like honey, and makes up for the poor music production. We love it!

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