6 real reasons why we love Miley Cyrus

It’s Miley Cyrus’s birthday, y’all! The singer-songwriter-actress turns 28 today, and we are HERE for it. For more than half her life, Miley Cyrus has been an entertainer, either as Hannah Montana or through her original music, and has been entertaining most of us, from childhood to adulthood. It’s no surprise that she has fans in India, because that’s how huge of a star she is.

Here are 6 real reasons why we love Miley:

1. Her sense of humour


Look at her acting on Hannah Montana (“daddy say whaatttt”/ “I’m an international pop star!”) and any interview of hers. Or even scroll through her Instagram. Miley Cyrus makes the funniest faces, says the funniest jokes and never takes herself too seriously. Which is how she always cracks us up. And who doesn’t love funny stars.

2. Her powerhouse vocal skills

Whether you love her or not, you cannot deny Miley Cyrus’s insane vocal skills. She is a powerhouse of talent. Right from the age of 11, when she signed Hannah Montana, she’s been singing songs like “You Get the Best of Both Worlds,” all the way to “Wrecking Ball” and “Midnight Sky”. Raspy and sexy, her voice is unlike any other’s, and so is her identity. Her music is everything she is: constantly changing, but staying true to her voice, and doing justice to it. Country, pop, rock, rap even — she does it all. With such ease.

3. Her ability to keep it real


Miley keeps it real. She says “remember only god can judge us, forget the haters coz somebody loves you”. She openly says that she smoked weed, she’s now stopped, and she even admits that it changed her voice. She pokes fun at herself and her family, is honest about who she is and through all her phases over the years, she has managed to keep it real. Respect.

4. Her idgaf attitude

Since the age of 11, Miley has been judged, sexualised, surveyed and talked about in every possible nasty way. Her marriage with Liam, her hair changes, her clothes, her smoking, her partying life, her family, her infamous tongue, her voice, her personal life…everything has been scrutinised and analysed by the media. Thousands of people have passed their opinions and judgments on her, she’s been called all sorts of names on social media, tabloids have spun amazing tales out of her life. Yet, she keeps cool and cruises through life. All because of her idgaf attitude!

5. Her hair!

Brown, blonde, long, short, cropped, mulletted, spiked…Miley can pull it all off. Her hair is ICONIC in every shape or form.

6. Her activism

Did you know that Miley Cyrus is quite the activist? Apart from generously donating to various charitable organisations and running Happy Hippy Foundation with the aim to rally young people to fight injustice facing homeless youth, LGBTQ youth and other vulnerable populations, she also brought attention to the issue of homelessness in an enlightening way at the 2014 VMAs. Also, her Dead Petz album was available for zero cost, when it came out in 2015.

She’s an icon of the 21st century, and we love her.

Happy Birthday Miley.

‘Real Reasons Why’ is a series of articles that reveal the actual, underlying reasons why our favourite movies, TV shows, songs, actions and personalities are really our favourite. It is the ultimate, truthful throwback to some of our beloved memories. Keep a look-out every Thursday for more!

What is the real reason why you love Miley Cyrus? Let us know!

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