8 Bollywood songs that perfectly sum up life in 2020

So much has already been said about 2020, about how it’s kalyug, qayamat, a shitshow, the year filled with most horrors…and it’s all true! 2020 started with violent riots in Delhi, a global pandemic that’s still haunting us every single day, deaths of much-loved celebrities, money problems and mental health issues. In short, 2020 hasn’t exactly been good.

But the only way to deal with it is to laugh it off, sing it out or dance our way through it. Here are 8 Bollywood songs that perfectly sum up this rollercoaster of a year:

1. Yeh kya hua?

If one song perfectly encapsulates what we’ve all been thinking all year long, it’s Yeh Kya Hua. Listen to the lyrics closely and you’ll see what I mean.

2. Zara sa jhoom loo main

Any idea you had, desire you wanted to bring to life, travel and other plans you had were all brought to a standstill — indefinitely. 2020 is Kumar Sanu’s voice going “arrey, na re na re na” to every suggestion of yours.

3. Jag soona soona lage

“Chan se jab toote koi sapna, jag soona soona lage” is how we all feel about this year. So many dreams died, so many hearts broken. Sigh.

4. Maar Daala

Give me a gorgeous green lehenga and I will drop on the floor right now and imitate Madhuri Dixit because this song is 2020. Iss saal ne humein maar daala.

5. Thodi jagah

Thodi jagah is the motto for 2020. “Thodi jagah dede mujhe,” to be precise, 6 feet. It’s been hard staying away from loved ones, but necessary as well. This song is a tear-jerker but so apt for this year.

6. Just go to hell

Hey 2020, “just go to hell”! Apart from Alia’s fantastic and relatable performance, this song is one of Amit Trivedi’s youthful ones. But people of all ages can relate to the frustration and sadness in it.

7. Khuda nigehbaan ho tumhara

Translating to God Will Guard You, Khuda Nigehbaan Ho Tumhara might have been released back in the 1960 blockbuster Mughal-e-Azam, but rings true even today. We just hope that God is watching over us and guarding us all. We need it now more than ever.

8. I don’t know what to do

The confusion. The helplessness. The inability to do anything. Well, that’s 2020 in a song for you, and the song is from the 2011 hit film, Housefull. “I don’t know what to do” is the track’s title and first line of the song and you can see its hilarious music video below.

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