8 mind blowing tabla covers of popular songs by Instagram artists

Indian classical music always adds beauty and joy to music, especially in pop culture. We’re lucky that we live in a time when both classical music and electro-pop/filmy gaane are meeting midway, often resulting in fusion songs and mixed tunes.

For example, here are some amazing tabla covers of popular songs that we all love:

Bikhyat Hyoju’s kickass cover of Emiway Bantai’s Machayenge

Shubhra Agnihotri and her mother cover Jalte Diye beautifully

Manish Mehra’s tabla brings Laal Ishq to life

We love Abhay Kumar Jha’s fusion cover of Zara Zara x Despacito

Ajay-Atul’s iconic song is passionately tabla-covered by Ved

Aadil Khan covers the electro-pop Bang Bang title track

Ramandeep Singh plays Taal se Taal on his tabla, while Ayushi and Siyanti provide vocals

And we were blown away by Dhriti’s talent, as seen in this insane Despacito cover

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