10 A. R. Rahman Live Performances That Will Set Your Soul On Fire

Singer, composer, awesome human being – A. R. Rahman is the angel born on earth. With numerous accolades (2 Oscars included) and a voice that makes every soul ache, Rahman is the maestro of music, but we don’t have to tell you that do we? There is seldom anyone who hasn’t heard or sung his songs, so on his birthday, we only want to listen to his live performances that show his skills which make him what they are!

In a live concert in Chennai, both the audience and we stand transfixed listening to Mustafa Mustafa, even when we don’t understand the lyrics. Such is the power of Rahman.

Muqabala is a song we’ve heard thousands of times, yet it never loses its splendor when we hear it from Rahman’s angelic voice.

Again, music has no language barrier, and Rahman proves it again by singing Uyire Uyire (originally sung by Hariharan).

Ranbir Kapoor might be the Rockstar on screen, but Rahman’s fans prove that they will always go gaga over his voice in this Rockstar Concert.

What if you get Rahman singing Jai Ho AND a musical melody? Double the fun, right?

The magic of Enna Sona is only amplified by Rahman’s voice, which has all the superstars listening to him in a trance.

Our National Anthem hits every Indian differently, but when it’s in Rahman’s voice? Utter, utter magic.

Khwaja Mere Khwaja is the ultimate sufi song, and Rahman’s voice lends it that extra umphf that elevates the song to a different spiritual plane.

Dil Se is everyone’s favorite, but listening to a live performance makes us forget even SRK and his windblown hair. 

A young Rahman wows the audience with a rendition of Maa Tujhe Salaam, and we can clearly see his passion for the art. 

Happy Birthday, Rahman Sir!

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