9 Arijit Singh Instagram Covers To Listen Right Now

No one and I mean no (not even a crush) can make your heart go faster the way any Arijit Singh song does. His voice has the capacity to charm even the coldest of hearts, and before we know it, we are singing along with him. April is Arijit’s birthday month, and what better way to celebrate him than to see how the young talent on Instagram has carried forward his legacy? 

Rajat’s uniform is part of the charm, we won’t lie, but his voice as he sings Agar Tum Saath Ho is equally charming. 

Danial lets loose the lyrics of Tum Hi Ho, and we are instantly captivated. 

Hareem’s Hamdard has us swaying along with her as she sings her heart out. 

Harsh is absolutely wonderful in this rendition of Hamdard

Shefali, you’re a true genius, because no one else can sing Nashe Si Chadh Gayi as soulfully as you (or Arijit) does. 

Sejal’s voice as she sings Maahi Ve is so sweet it’s giving us heart palpitations.

Phir Bhi Tumko Chahunga and Arjun seem to be made for each other. 

Samjhawan possibly couldn’t get better than Arijit’s singing, but then we saw Tej sing. 

Bolna is possibly one of our favourite songs, and Mukul’s voice only takes it to the next level. 

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