If you love Shreya Ghoshal, you’ll love these 6 covers of her songs

The internet is a great place to find upcoming talent. We were scrolling through our feed and stumbled upon some really talented young women who have performed the daunting task of covering Shreya Ghoshal songs. I mean, it’s not easy to sing the songs that a legend has made so iconic. But these girls add their own flavours and twists to each number, making them sound unique and really, really good.

Here are 6 covers we enjoyed:

Vipasha and her ukelele taking on Yeh Ishq Hai

Hansika’s Rehnuma that sounds super professional

Janvi’s melodious cover of Raabta

Devanshi’s killer mashup of Sunn Raha Hai + Rozana

Mehak singing Ghoomar has all classical fans reelingggg

Prateeksha and Ajay’s duet of Piyu Bole makes our hearts melt

Damn, that was too much talent for the day. I might need to lie down.

What about you?

Follow these super talented women right NOW because their feeds are filled with beautiful music. Just the kind of thing that will make you feel much better during this shitty year. Follow the melody, listen to the music!

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