These Instagram Covers of Shankar Mahadevan Songs Will Brighten Your Day

Need a feel-good song to soothe your soul? Instantly click on any Shankar Mahadevan song. This part of the famous Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy trio has been the unanimous king of Bollywood songs for ages, and with good reason. From blowing our minds by singing Breathless to composing countless hit songs, Shankar Mahadevan has given us some of the most soulful melodies of the ages. What better way to celebrate this man than to listen to Instagram covers of his fan creations!

No one and I mean no one should even try singing Breathless. But, a sitar rendition? Sign me up!

We are crying listening to this version of Maa!

Uff Teri Adaa has us becoming fans of Krithika.

Gunji Si is as lovely as ever, and Kumar’s voice is proof of it.

Mitwa’s magic is unparalleled, and this flute version of the song has us singing the lyrics all on our own!

Sukanya is the next best thing to happen to Mitwa, right after Shankar Mahadevan!

Oh wait, Sukanya is not done. Here she is, wowing us with Sajda!

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