Meet The Women Indie Artists You Need To Put On Your Playlist!

If there is something that connects people, then it is MUSIC! No matter what language, the chords always connect to the heart. Over the past few years, Indie music has made its mark in the industry. Many upcoming Indie female artists have dominated and ruled the hearts of millions with their bold, experimental, novel, and introspective music. These female artists made sure that they break the brutalist airways and rule the music industry independently.

So, if you are a sucker for good music, here is the list of some innovative female Indie artists, who made their way into our hearts and our playlists.

Trust me, once you listen to them, there is no going back! Their music will have a direct connection to your heart.

1. Abhilasha Sinha

Abhilasha Sinha is making waves with her soulful music. This New – Delhi-based musician came to light after her first single Mothers released. Her dreamy voice instantly connected. She has been actively involved with the band RIVER with Kamakshi Khanna and Tarana Marwah and is currently with No Honey with Keshav Dhar and Suyash Gabriel. Abhilasha believes that music speaks to the audience, which is the only objective she hopes to achieve with her music. Her latest single Honeybee explores the theme of love in the lockdown. Her enthralling voice and beautiful lyrics won praises and now we are eagerly waiting to see what she has to offer next.

Song Recommendations: Honey Bee, Jab Tum Miley

2. Dot.

Now and then you find a melody that sticks in your head. One such songbird is an artist by the name Aditi Dot, whose Everybody Dances to Techno is being circulated among music enthusiasts with a predilection for the original and esoteric. Dot’s sound is unique and has a niche of its own. One cannot specify her genre, as her channel is filled with her own beautiful compositions with topics of various diversity. Speaking of her name Dot, she had once said that she was inspired by her mom when she saw her making dots outside the lines. That’s when she learned how small yet significant a dot is and that it has the potential to be something without being harmless. Well, she has really created magic out of her thoughts and then delivered the same to us with her music!

Song Recommendations: Taxi Fare, This Train

3.  Nooran Sisters

One of the most popular jodis of the music industry – Jyoti and Sultana Nooran became a sensation after they rose to fame with MTV’s talent hunt series MTV’s Sound Trippin. They got their first break in Bollywood in the year 2014 for the film Highway and their song Patakha Guddi touched every string of the heart. Nooran sisters are in demand now, and it seems that Bollywood movie is incomplete without one song from the Nooran sisters. Their voice gives us a sense of our ownness.

Song Recommendations: Jee Ve Sohaneya, Ghani Bawri

4. Kamakshi Khanna

Ever heard a piece of music so soothing that it makes you forget yourself? If not, you should definitely check out Kamakshi Khanna’s “Qareeb”. Indeed a soulful experience to calm your mind, body & soul! The Delhi-based singer-songwriter plays RnB, soul, and pop music and creates beautiful, hummable melodies with meaningful and relatable lyrics. Kamakshi’s journey as a solo artist began in the year 2014 when she launched her first EP, Much Mellow.
She says that: It’s her dream to NOT to be a part of Bollywood and continue her OG indie journey.

Song Recommendations: Duur, Morning

5. Alisha Batth

If any singer will capture your attention in less than a minute, then it is Alisha Batth. This Mumbai-based queer singer, the songwriter has a powerful, dynamic, and evocative vocal, and makes it impossible to ignore her. With a wide range of influences from the ‘90s folk and punk, the music is a soulful delight. If you haven’t heard her songs yet, you are definitely missing out on a lot of (good) things!

Song Recommendations: Blue River,

6. Kavita Seth

The best female indie artist list would be incomplete without Kavita Seth, the melodious playback Sufi- style singer know for her playbacks in Wake up sid, Rajniti, Cocktail, etc. Being a mother of two sons, Kavita won some notable awards like Best female playback singer Filmfare, Musical Sensation award by Stardust, etc. Her soulful singing inspires the older as well as younger generation. Her tracks “Iktara”, “Tum hi ho Bandhu”, ” Moora Piya” have been critically acclaimed by many. Kavita is indeed a true gem.

Song Recommendations: Rang Saari, Ek Nazar

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