Why Mirchi Play Is Your Best Radio Friend

One of the most annoying things about being quarantined is the utter lack of socialising. Especially for those of us who live alone, it’s been a while since we’ve seen another human being, and I’ve genuinely forgotten what the outside world looks like. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to go out, to meet friends, God forbid HUG THEM, go to concerts and clubs, or even jam together. And at times like these, it’s nice to have 24/7 music, or jokes, going on to tune out the loud silence that fills up our homes. It’s a warm feeling to have excited RJs talking about music, listen to nostalgic songs from our childhood, and the soft strumming of indie-pop guitars. What’s even better is when all these options are available just one click away–online and free!

That’s right, I’m talking about MirchiPlay: your one-stop for all digital radio stations. A digital sister of Radio Mirchi, MirchiPlay is your own world of live web radios, running day-in and day-out. If you’re feeling alone, or searching for some LOLs during these tough times, or just want a break from your boring playlist, here are some stations that are curated just for you. Availabla for free, on Gaana:

Filmy Mirchi

Not only is Filmy Mirchi the hottest YouTube channel for all things Bollywood, it’s now also an online radio station that houses all things filmy. From B-town gossip to exclusive interviews, from the latest filmy gaane to fun trivia about your fave stars, Filmy Mirchi will keep you entertained like your life depends on it. Check it out on Gaana!

Mirchi 90’s

90’s kids–give me a hi5! Missing Alka Yagnik’s sweet voice, or Shaan’s dreamy one? Miss the bop beats and overly romantic lyrics? Well then, Mirchi 90s is the perfect station for you. It’ll take you on a walk down memory lane, when you would wear crazy hair accessories and halter neck tops. Relive the magic of the 3 Khans, Juhi’s comedy and Madhuri’s dancing, all on Mirchi 90’s at Gaana!

Mirchi Indies

Mirchi Indies

For all you real-music lovers, who don’t buy into Bollywood’s commercial, mainstream music, Mirchi Indies is the perfect destination for all the coolest Indian indie music you’re searching for. It’s jazzy, rock, hiphop, electro, all in one. My personal favourite station, it has given a platform to upcoming independent musical artists, where they can be heard by all of India. Some of the best Indian bands and artists feature on it often–Parvaaz, The Local Train, Naezy–and others propel to fame by debuting on Mirchi Indies. Listen to the chillest, best music to vibe to on Gaana right away.

So, there you have it. Your 24/7 quarantine companion, guaranteed to keep you entertained and positive through this difficult lockdown. You’re not alone. And if you feel lonely, just remember Web Radio’s constant presence and tune in anytime! 🙂

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