Title Tracks From The 90s That Are Our Absolute “Bachpan Ka Pyaar”

If you still binge-watched Khichdi and laugh at Praful’s antics, and still chant Ittu Pittu Jhim Patuta when you see Sonpari, then my friend you are definitely a ‘true blue Desi kid’. I am sure you are one of them who can still sing the theme songs of your favorite 90s show without a flinch. Here we are to take you down memory lane. Let us vibe to some of the cool title tracks that ever existed from the 90s. (We must all agree that the 90s was a golden age for iconic content – I am sure you cant even doubt this duhhhh)

Now this is what we call our perfect ‘Bachpan Ka Pyaar’

1. Shararat

Thoda Jadoo Thodi Nazaakat, Halki Phoolki Hai Ye Shararat… Didn’t you just start humming the rest of the lyrics? Well, we all did! Three generations of the ditzy witches not just won hearts but also kind of convinced us that snapping the fingers would make something wizardry happen! (How I wished it to be true!)

2. Shakalaka Boom Boom

Already singing the title track in your head? Well, that’s the magic of the theme song. Shakalaka Boom Boom…Shakalaka Boom Boom… Also, don’t forget how meticulously we went through different shops to find that one magic pencil? (I still have hopes, I will find my Sanju pencil one day, fingers crossed

3. Sonpari

Other than ittu pittu jhim patuta TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, if there is something that we can’t get over with, then it has to be the title song of sonpari which goes as, ‘Dekho Aayi Aayi Aayi, Sona Sonpari Aayi, Sonpari Sonparia Sonpari Sonpari Ayi.

4. Miley Jab Hum Tum

Didn’t we all consider the star cast of the series Miley Jab Hum Tum to be our fictional friends once? You would be lying if you didn’t agree to this. This was our first peek into the world of college. This series was the reason we had unrealistic expectations of colleges and romance! Other than the plot, the title song was something that stayed with us even after all these years! “Cool ho sama Cool dude jahan…” (Complete the lyrics for us)

5. Dil Mill Gaye

Dr. Armaan was the main reason why the majority of the Indian teenage girls were glued to the Idiot box in the 90s. He was the National crush. The Title track of this series is something we all hummed day and night. While we sang ‘Hum To Chale The, Dost Banke Jaane Kaha, Dill Mill Gaye’ we all wished to be a part of the Sanjeevani Hospital.

6. Shaktiman

Gangadhar Hi Shaktiman Hai, and let me just confess that I don’t want any other superhero other than Shaktiman. While we imagine Shaktiman, the title song is automatically playing in my head. 

Thank us later for giving you all a nostalgia rush.

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