Why Bollywood in the 90’s was absolutely ICONIC!

The 90’s Era of Bollywood is the Golden Era of Bollywood. That decade gave us legendary films, paved the way for the actors we love today (and maybe even their kids), inspired the way we dress, taught us how to dance and showed us the magical side of the film industry.

With Coronavirus bringing our industry to a complete halt, we took a trip down memory lane to remember some defining moments of the 90’s with the help of Mirchi 90’s (@Mirchi90s), a radio station dedicated solely to the magical era of Bollywood.

1. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

DDLJ was trailblazing in a plethora of ways. Whether it was baby Shah Rukh Khan romantically saying, “Senorita”, hugging Kajol in a field of yellow flowers, Amrish Puli aggressively feeding pigeons or the national collectively hating on Kuljeet. DDLJ was iconic for everything that it was, and the 90’s would be incomplete without it.

2. The Legendary Mithun

Mithun Da dominated the 80’s and 90’s with his charming personality and killer dance moves. He was amazing on screen and breathed a new life into all his movies. The 90’s were all about The Path of Fire, Tahader Katha, Jallad and more. And who could ever forget his bizarre style with the bright high caller leather jackets that could give Ranveer Singh a run for his money.

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#HappyBirthdayMithunChakraborty Gourang Chakraborty, better known by his stage name Mithun Chakraborty is also informally referred to as Mithun Da. He had 100 plus releases in the 90's. Mithun knew his audience’s pulse. He knew there’s a huge fan-following in a segment of lower-income or economically-weaker section of the society. He knew, doing quality and big budget movies will not get him good returns. So, he approached small-time producers and gave them bulk-dates. Mithun was not very choosy in terms of story-line, script, cast etc. #DoYouKnow he acted in more than 250+ movies from 1980 to 2000 ? Most of these movies were specially written keeping in mind Mithun’s fan-following. These movies would be a typical Bollywood masala movie. Though most of these movies were flop on Box-office but earned well in India’s small towns. #DidYouKnow he is the record holder in the #LimcaBookOfRecords for 19 movie releases as lead actor in the year 1989 and the record is still unbreakable in Bollywood to date May 2020. Wishing him a very happy birthday from @mirchi90s #MithunChakraborty #bollywoodcelebrity #mithun #bollywooddancer #superstar #discodancer #bollywoodstar #megastar #bollywoodsmile #happybirthday #Superstars #bestof90s #triviatime #TuesdayTrivia #bestof90s #bestmusic #movietrivia #trivia #BollywoodFlashback #throwback90s #90sbollywood #90sbollywoodhits #bollywood #90sbollywood

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3. The 90’s Look for Women

The early 90’s were all about the wild perm, chunky earrings, glossy lips and bold eyes. It marked the jump from traditional Indian outfits to bright western ones, and changed the mainstream Bollywood Diva look. By the end of the decade, Bollywood actresses reached their most fashionable peak with sparkley dresses, figure fitting gowns and beautiful makeup.

4. The 90’s Look for Men

Bollywood actors in the 90’s had no inhibitions whatsoever, and that’s what made them even more iconic. They were confident and fearless and actually managed to carry off the clothes they wore. Whether it was Sanjay Dutt wearing sleeveless crop tops, Aamir Khan in oversized colourful sweaters or Akshay Kumar with low neckline shirts, all these outfits lived and thrived (and sadly died) in the 90’s!

5. dil toh pagal hai

This movie had it all. Dance, romance, rivalry and heartbreak. Plus it starred the 3 biggest names of the 90’s- Shahrukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit and Karisma Kapoor. Dil Toh Pagal Hai became a fan favourite from the moment it was announced and went on to become one of the reigning movies in Bollywood till date. Plus, it inspired the look, style, behaviuor and dance moves of all 90’s kids.

6. milind soman

Thank you Alisha Chinai and thank you Universe.

7. Flower Power

The 90’s were iconic in many ways, yet there was still a shyness when it came to depicting physical romance on screen. Enter the trusted flower, a symbol for love in all it’s physical and sexual forms. (BTW it was Bollywood in the 90’s hyped up Rose Day to what it is today) The flowers made our beloved Bollywood movies child and family friendly too.

8. Chaiyya chaiyya

Chaiyya Chaiyya gave us exactly 3 things for us in the 90’s
1) A back ache from repeating SRK’s step over and over again
2) Extreme jealousy over Malaika Arora’s toned torso
3) An amazing song to dance and drink to at weddings, parties, baby showers and more
Chaiyya Chaiyya is one of A.R. Rahman’s most loved songs till date, and all we pray for is that this 90’s hit doesn’t get a 2020 remake.

9. iconic villains

Whether it was Ashutosh Rana as Shankar Pandey, Shakti Kapoor as crime master, Mr. Gogo or even SRK in Baazigar, 90’s Bollywood knew the secret to a great villain. They were melodramatic, extremely evil and always bloody. Their dialogues still resonate in our ears! If we earned a rupee for everytime we used “Mogambo Khush Hua”, we’d probably be able to afford a 2BHK in South Bombay.

10. The ever powerful bandit Queen

The 1994 controversial film, The Bandit Queen was bold and ahead of its time. It was a biographical movie on the brave, Phoolan Devi. While the movie may not have been a large commercial success, it paved the way for many bold, non-flowery, historical films meant for a more mature audience. Seema Biswas did justice to her role as Phoolan Devi, and the film was even India’s official entry into the Oscars that year!

These are just 10 out of the countless reasons why Bollywood in the 90’s were iconic. If you ever feel low or feel like this terrible year is getting to you, make yourself a hot cup of tea, sit back and listen to Mirchi 90’s only on Gaana HERE. Hosted by RJ Simrata (@rjsimrata), this radio station will transport you back into the golden age of Bollywood and soon you will be lost in the beautiful songs and memories of the 90’s.

Trust us, Mirchi 90’s is the only stress buster you need!

What part about Bollywood in the 90’s is your favourite? Let us know!

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