4 Brand New Online Releases To Binge This Weekend

The weekend is here and so is our need to binge… on junk food and great content. We’ve selected some of the best new releases across multiple OTT platforms which should be on your watchlist. They’re hot, fresh off the press and addictive.

Here are 5 Brand New OTT Releases to watch this weekend:

1. Flesh on Eros Now

Flesh is not meant for the faint hearted. Starring Swara Bhaskar, Uday Tikekar, Mahima Makwana, Vidya Malvade and more, Flesh revolves around a sex trafficking case with very dark roots. As the show progresses, darker and uglier secrets come to light, making it difficult to watch and look away from.

2. Class of ’83 on Netflix

Bobby Deol leads Class of ’83 with his gripping performance and strong on screen presence. Class of ’83 tells the story of an honest police officer who is prevented from exposing the corruption in his branch by isolating him to a desk job. Despite being off the field, he builds a capable task force to take down the bureaucracy and corruption he was made a victim of. This fast paced and highly captivating movie is a must watch.

3. Lucifer Season 5 on Netflix

Lucifer is truly timeless. Season 5 looks promising with Chloe coming to terms with Lucifer’s identity, Lucifer dealing with some very powerful forces and his twin brother Michael coming into play to destroy Earth, take his revenge and ruin everything that the past 4 seasons built. A new episode drops weekly, but till then, binge watching all of Lucifer’s previous seasons seems like a great idea.

4. Mee Raqsam on Zee 5

Mee Raqsam tells a very interesting story. It is about a young muslim girl who wants to learn Bharatnatyam, and in doing so she angers her community, society and other traditionalists. Mee Raqsam highlights the hypocrisy of those who claim to be secular, but in reality are far from it. It also touches upon patriarchy and small town classism. Starring Naseeruddin Shah and Aditi Subedi, this movie is a must watch.

We assure your weekend will fly by with these new releases and refresh you for yet another quarantined week that lies ahead.

Did we miss out on a show or movie? Let us know!

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