5 real reasons why we love Shararat

If you’re a 2000s kid, your life was magical. Be it Shararat, Shaka Laka Boom Boom, Vicky Aur Vetaal, we were bombarded with magical characters who made our childhood enchanting. The best of all was Shararat, which was about kickass female fairies, whose powers were transmitted matrilineally. 18 year old Jiya received magical powers, upon which her mother Radha and nani helped her carry them forward in life, and this leads to amazing events throughout the series.

Shararat was a big part of our childhoods and something we still remember and love.

Here are the 5 real reasons why we loved Shararat

1. Female power, yo

The powers come from Jiya’s great great great great grandmother, Rani Devi, and is passed on generation after generation. More specifically, passed on from one woman to the next in the family. Female power all the way, yo!

2. Farida Jalal is nani goals

She’s magical. She’s sassy. She’s super progressive for her time, all the while being adorable and doting and caring in a very nani-like way. She is Nani goals.

3. Jiya+Dhruv

I think I speak for every 2000s kid when I say that Jiya and Dhruv were the most shipped couple of all time. They were our OTP. Jiya was so into Dhruv, who in turn liked her back. Though they had some obstacles in their path, they ultimately had a really cute ending. College love goals.

4. The Shararat theme song we all know by heart

As soon as “Thoda jaadu, thodi mazaakat” begins, we all join in to jam with the theme song. Be honest, even if you were a toddler, a teenager or a parent whose kids were addicted to the show, you know the Shararat theme song by heart.

5. Shanti Aunty is every neighbour aunty ever

The forever nosy, forever borrowing neighbour Shanti Aunty is someone we all know. If you don’t know a Shanti Aunty, you probably are a Shanti Aunty. She was always coming over to the Malhotra’s place to ask for “shakkar” or “ghee,” and loved poking her nose in the family’s business. Some episodes actually made it seem like she was going to uncover their secret, but Nani always dealt with her in the most hilarious, quirky ways. She added a really fun element to the show.

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What is the real reason why you love Shararat? Let us know!

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